Yoga Asana: Instruction, Technique and Benefits

Spinal rocking exercise

  1. Lie on your back
  2. Raise your knees and bend your head down. Put your hands under your knees interlocking your fingers
  3. Gently Rock back and forth on your rounded spine, imitating The Swinging motion of a rocking chair. Feel for the massaging action on your spine.
  4. Use mats, not the hard floor and do not hold back too far on your neck.

Benefits of Spinal rocking exercise

The spinal rocking exercise helps in developing a more flexible spine. As you exercise, all vertebrae in the neck and spine get massaged. If done on raising it helps to overcome the drowsiness and stiffness that people often feel on waking up. It is also very beneficial just before sleep. The massaging action on the spine tense to relax the whole nervous system.


1. The stomach lift.

First exercise

  1. While standing with feet slightly apart and knees slightly bent lean forward a little from the waist and place your hands just above the knees.
  2. Inhale deeply by pushing your abdomen forward and then Exhale by pushing your stomach in.
  3. Do not take another breath. Instead, push in your stomach even more so that it becomes Hollow and hold your breath for about 10 seconds.

Seconds exercise.

Do the same as evolve but instead of holding your stomach in after exhaling rapidly push your stomach in and out 10 times without taking another breath.

Benefits of asana

This asana massages and tones up the internal organ in the abdominal area reduces abdominal fat and strengthens the abdominal muscles. It also massages the heart, making it stronger leading to improved circulation and reduce the risk of heart attack. This is especially good for toning up the nerves in the solar plexus reason and helps the correct functioning of adrenal and sex gland. It relieves constipation, gas, and indigestion.

The headstand

You must use extra padding for the headstand either folded the blanket or some extra foam on top of the yoga mat. Do not use a pillow too soft. If you do not feel very confident about going straight into the headstand, do the beginners choice. Once you are confident can go for the advanced standard.


  1. Yoga mat into a corner, kneel down in front of it and place your interlocked fingers in the corner close to the walls.
  2. Put your head in the hollow of the Palms, a rise of the knees and take a step or two towards the corner.
  3. Lift one leg and three sit in the corner against the wall. If you are a little unsure, ask a friend to hold the leg and put it in the corner. No just kick the other leg up. Stay there for about 15 seconds trying to remain relaxed.
  4. to come out of the headstand or one leg at the time. Again if you feeling unsure you can always ask a friend to hold one of your legs while you lower the other. Start off in the headstand for about 15 seconds mm 15 seconds every week until you are doing 3 minutes.

The advance.


  1. Kneel down on your yoga mat. Interlock the fingers of your hands and place them and your forearms on the extra padding on the yoga mat. Keep the elbows fairly close together.
  2. Place the back of your head into the hollow of the Palm. Rise up off your knees and take a step or two towards your head.
  3. Inhale and slowly raise the legs until they’re vertical. Keep your back straight and try to relax. Breathe slowly and deeply from the abdomen.
  4. Concentrate on the brain and the pineal gland between the eyebrows.
  5. To come down, bend your knees and lower one leg and then the other. Like the beginner the headstand for about 15 seconds and increase the time by 15 seconds every week until you are doing 3 minutes.

Benefits of headstand

Because of the many benefits of the headstand, the yogis often referred to it as a king of the asana. The headstand increases circulation to the brain leading to improve brain function which is memory and intelligence and increase vitality and confidence. It also helps to stimulate the pituitary and Pinal gland which has a very beneficial effect on the whole body. Many alignments such as nerves, poor eyesight and reduced hearing ability benefit from the activity. It promotes hair growth by increasing circulation to the scalp.

It helps to put the spine into correct alignment and restore the position of the vital organ by reversing gravity. The quality of sleep is improved. The headstand causes an increase in the circulation of the neck, which stimulates the baroreceptors in the neck. This comes to the reticular formation down, causing reduce nerve impulses to the cerebral cortex. This results in peaceful and deep sleep. Did not do the headstand if you have high blood pressure or any kind of blocked vessels. If you have any serious eye diseases, ask your doctor before doing it. You should be very cautious about the neck. Do not overdo and try to keep it.

The shoulder stand

  1. Flat on your back deeply while raising your legs and the spine.
  2. The body rests on the shoulders and the back of the neck. The body is supported by the hands which are placed in the center of the spine between the Waist and the shoulder blades. Keep your spine and leg straight.
  3. Breathe slowly and deeply with the abdomen and concentrate on the thyroid gland witches in the hollow in the front of the neck where the neck joins the rest of the body. Stay in this position for about 2 minutes
  4. To come out of this poster, just bend your knees and kiss your back and slowly return to the lying on the floor.

Benefits of ……… 

The main benefit of this is to get the thyroid gland working at Peak efficiently. It is this gland which is mainly responsible for correct weight and youthful appearance. The exercise also regulates the sex glands and give a healthy stretch to the neck. It is beneficial for people suffering from poor circulation constipation indigestion after me and reduced virility.

The different poster has different benefits, but it is up to the people to Choose Wisely. Yoga has done many good effects on the body such as brain and spinal rejuvenation, a healthy nervous system, healthy gland, internal organ, healthy joints and healthy skin. Regular basis or session of yoga can help everybody to produce a synergistic effect. Along with yoga, you need to think positive and have a good night sleep. You also need to eat nourishing foods away from alcohols. There are many things you can do along with yoga sessions such as aerobics, or the weight lifting. The desired output will determine your today. So you need to start thinking about the ultimate goals and start working today.

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