Yoga Asana: Instruction, Technique and Benefits


The poster must be done in a specific order in which they are described. This is for getting Optimum results which may not be possible if the order is changed. You might even get some injuries when you’re trying to do the yoga postures. And if you do it wrong you will get the wrong effects. There are various ways to perform this activity without any trouble. You can also take the help of multimedia or even join yoga classes.


Things to Be Done before Going to Yoga Asanas

Here are the top few things which are to be done for better output of yoga.

1. Sequence to be done correctly.

First, the spinal rocking exercise designed to loosen up the spine before actually doing the main poster. As the preparation for the main poster, it is highly beneficial in itself. Then follows an exercise called the stomach lift, followed by the headstand, which freshens the. The headstand is followed by asana, design traction the neck which gets slightly compressed by headstand. Next are the shoulder stand, the reverse poster which, like the three of above is all forward spinal flexion poster. The above posture is followed by the backward bending fish poster.

This counteracts the four forward flexion posters just done and leaves the spine in the balance state, having stretched forwards and backward and prevents muscle strain. It is followed by The Twist poster. As the name implies, this poster twist, the spine to the left and right. Finally, the neck exercises to remove any stiffness which may have resulted from doing the poster. The mentioned activity loosens and relaxes every muscle and ligament in the spine. We finish up with a short period of rest to allow the body to assimilate the benefits produced by the activity and to rest the muscle and nervous system. Eye exercises are done while resting. This not only improves the vision but also has a relaxing effect on the whole body and the muscle of the eyes.

2. Do not strain.

The poster should be done slowly with no strain. Keep in mind that yoga is different to western exercises and sports where the more effort you apply, the more successful you are. With yoga, you are not competing with anyone but aiming at gradual self-improvement. If there is any soreness for a few days, it will gradually disappear. The soreness indicates that those muscles have not been adequately used before and are in need of exercise.

3. Slow and deep breathing.

Breathe slowly and deeply abdomen only while doing the poster which means that you should inhale slowly and push the abdomen outwards, and exhaling allows the abdomen to return to its normal position.


4. Concentrate.

The mind is also brought into play as you concentrate on the organs and glands which the Asana effects. To assist concentration, it is best to keep the eyes closed.

5. Rest and regularity.

After each asana or group of asana, a short rest is advised. This allows the body to assimilate to the effects of them. And also gives it time to withdraw the extra blood directed to a particular organ, gland and return it to General circulation. The body can then send extra blood to another organ or gland when you do the next poster. Be regular with your yoga session. For best results aim for doing them 6 days a week and, when you are proficient, in the early morning. As the day progresses, many people become tired and feel less inclined to do any type of exercises.

6. Pay attention to body signals.

Should you experience any feelings, such as pain or dizziness, while doing a particular asana, stop doing that and try it again in a few months’ time when there is an overall improvement from doing another asana. Your own body will tell you if a particular poster is perfect at this stage. While the first exercise, spinal rocking, is highly beneficial in itself, it is not asana but a warm-up for the asana. The stomach lift is also highly beneficial, but again it is not an asana. If you are pushed for time you may omit these two.

7. The first two weeks.

In some cases, you may feel worse for up to 2 weeks starting the Asana. Yoga exercises cause the body to eliminate toxins. After the initial period of body cleaning, you will start to feel much better. It is quite common to feel sore in the back, neck, and shoulders muscles for a couple of weeks. This is the result of the body resisting exercise. The muscles and Joints which have probably never been stretched properly before are now being used. To minimize any soreness, it is best to Start Gentle and not overdo. Above all, never give up. Any discomfort will only be temporary and you will start to feel much better in a short time.


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