What to Eat to Reverse Aging – Some Important Nutrition for Anti Aging

The harmful effect of the wrong type of the protein:

The mistake we make here is to get far too much of our protein from the animal sources such as meat and milk. Not only is a vegetable protein of a higher quality than the animal protein but good health can be maintained with a smaller amount of it. This reduces cost, waste less energy in digestion and creates fewer toxins. Protein from the vegetable sources such as soya milk, vegetables, lentils, and nuts is superior to protein from the animal sources such as meat, eggs, and milk. Vegetable proteins are easier to digest. Many vegetable protein sources such as nuts and salad can be eaten raw. Raw food has higher protein and other nutrients than cooked food. Research has shown that a diet high in animal protein causes premature aging. This is due to the animal proteins, especially meat, which tends to produce toxin and acidity in the tissues causes intestinal putrefaction and degeneration of the vital organs.


The best nonanimal protein foods are as follows:

1. Soya:

soya milk is a high protein food which is also very nutritious, low fat and high fiber. It contains more protein than prime beef. Soya milk can be used on your cereal, for milkshakes and whenever milk is required in the recipes.

2. Raw nuts:

they are the rich source of proteins and very nutritious. They have twice the protein content of the meat. They mix well with raisins or sultanas and are ideal as an energy snack.

3. Legumes:


legumes include foods such as beans, peas, and lentils the protein in potatoes is of higher quality than the protein in the meat, eggs or milk. Carob is a tasty, nutritious legume which makes a good chocolate substitute and can be bought in the health shops.

How much protein do we need?

Most researchers recommend a daily protein intake of 30 to 40 grams. Many of us have or need twice the given amount. Most health scientists recommend around 56 grams a day, which may differ as per the person. If you do strenuous exercise are under a lot of stress or are sick, you will need extra protein about 50 grams a day. As a rule of thumb, make one meal a day high in protein. For most people, this is the evening meal, when that have some fish, meat or vegetable protein dish. Some of the myths related to the meat are given as follows:

1. Since many of us eat meat every day it must be good or at least a necessary part of our diet. But in reality, all research shows that meat reduces our health and fitness level as well as accelerating the aging process.

2. Meat makes us strong. The fact is that the strongest animals such as horses, elephants, and so on eat no meat. These animals also have the greatest endurance and live for the longest. The world’s top boxer now refrain from eating meat for several days before a big fight. Eating meat before a fight can cause boxers to become “punch drunk”.

3. We require animal protein for energy. In fact, our energy comes from fats and carbohydrates found in vegetables, fruits, and grains.

Thus to a sum of all the above discussions, we need to intake all the dietary supplements in a moderate way. Do not overdo with the nutritious food just because you are in a hurry to become fit or whatsoever. Also, I am not recommending to stop eating meat. What I suggest is to acquire proteins and other nutrients from vegetable sources too. At the end of the day, you are what matters and you should live a healthy life. Stay fit!


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