17 Safely Weight Loss Workouts Ideas For Beginners to be Healthy and Fit

Obesity is a medical problem in which a person has accumulated extra fats which have adverse effects on health. The average weight of a person that one should have, depends upon the age and height and having only 20 % higher weight than its optimum value is considered obesity. Likewise, the person having IBM greater than 25 is also obese.


However, not to worry, by making some small positive changes in your lifestyle and then by performing some weight loss workouts will help you to get again in shape. This slim body and less fat will indirectly affect positively on your other body systems like breathing, cardiovascular network, and digestive system. Besides it, lean and slim people are more likely to prevent from bone disorders like osteoporosis and joint inflammation. Thus, opt for some workouts after your doctor’s recommendation and then stick to them until you find some clear changes in your figure. Here are some weight loss workouts that will help you to lose your weight gradually but in a healthy way.

17 Safely Weight Loss Workouts For Beginners to be Healthy and Fit

1. Cardio Workout:

Cardio workout is something that increases your heart rate. And for this, you need to actively work and move. It basically implies to perform bit high-intensity workouts followed by a period of low activity or rest to make your heart beat normal again. However, this overall practice will increase your stamina and burn calories. Cardio actually bases on the aerobics and aerobics implies to ‘acquiring free oxygen’, thus making your systems to work hard, consume energy by burning fat reserves. This will raise your metabolic rate and then it will take a time to again set it at the original level.

If you walk for 30 minutes daily, try adding a portion of jog of 30 seconds after every 5-minute interval to elevate your metabolism. Keep increasing the time of intense exercise to get better results.

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cardio workout of girls

2. Swimming:

Swimming is apparently an easy workout but swimming for about one hour can burn your 653 calories. In addition to it, it is more like a fun and freshening activity that keeps nearly all major muscles of your body in movement. It may seem to be a calming activity but in the end, what matters is to burn the calories. Swimming is actually safe as it is free of any injury. Moreover, different swimming strokes provide you with the variety of aerobic exercises.



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3. Cycling:

Cycling is another workout that keeps your limb muscles in movement. You do not necessarily go to gym or life some heavy weight dumbbells to dissolve your fat. Just keep moving, ultimately slow and steady wins the race. You can also reach your office or some shopping store by bicycle instead of going by car. It is not only economical but also saves your gym time. To make cycling more challenging, you can also convince your friend to do it with you and make it a bit competitive. Cycling lets you enjoy fresh air. Moreover, by merely cycling for an hour, you can burn 508 calories.



4. Jogging:

Jogging or walking seems a simplest physical activity but if done consistently, can provide you with pleasant outcomes. Jogging does not need any equipment; you just need to have joggers and a strong determination to get again in shape. On the first day of your jogging activity, don’t walk a lot. Keep on increasing speed and distance gradually to avoid any strain on muscles. About 435 calories can be burnt by merely jogging for an hour.


5. Resistance Exercise:

Resistance exercise is one of the most profitable weight loss workouts that works to build the muscles. In normal exercises, while dissolving fats, a part of your muscles is lost and the result is the extra thin and unattractive body. Thus, resistance exercise lets you stop muscles lost. It tones your body perfectly and builds your muscles. These three workouts are part of resistance exercises like Upper body, core, and whole body workout.



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