How To Say I am Sorry – In 24 Innovative Ways You Can Say “I’m Sorry” to Your Partner

17. Clean up

To get forgiveness, you surely need to do same hard work right? In order to do that you can try up for helping him out for anything, he is worried about. It can be cleaning the mess out of the room or anything else. Doing small efforts you will surely get his forgiveness and make him understand that how much he matters to you. On the whole, never stop yourself from making him feel good.


18. Posting pictures with him on Facebook or Twitter

Posting a picture with your partner is such a joy. If he notices that he will not only feel good about it but will definitely see your attempt to make him realize that you are Sorry. if he can see that through your activities then, half of your job is absolutely done. Therefore, you are on the best track to get back to his life as you were before. So, girls try and opt for this way and get him back.

19. Create distance from him

If you get too close to him he can surely take you for granted. In order to make him feel your importance, you need to keep some distance from him. Sometimes no calls and messages can make him realize what you were. After some time, he may remember you hard and can’t resist away from you and your company. Therefore, try to avoid him sometimes, it’s tough but soon you will realize its worth.

20. Use your pet

The small kittens or even puppy are loved by all. If your partner is one of them you can try this idea on him. Sending your pet with cute messages can surely attract him towards you. In those messages, you can add your memories, your togetherness stories and those moments you spent with him. You can even make sure it reaches directly to your partner otherwise, it can create a big mess. So, you need to be very careful girls.


21. Write a letter to your partner

While writing a letter, all you need to remember is the emotional phase you both had faced. Those moments can surely touch his heart and his heart may get melt and then, he might forget all the bad memories with you. Sometimes, emotions can play a vital role in getting someone and make him understand that you are truly his and all you need is his love and supports. That’s it.

22. List of reasons why you need them back

It’s a fantastic way to approach to someone whom you have hurt. In order to blur those bad memories, you need to create something new and romantic. For that you can list out some reasons that will force him to return to your world. Give him the reasons why you are incomplete without him. What is his importance in you life and if he is not there your life is useless. Finding such reason, he will be compelled to forgive you for sure.

23. Dedicate a performance

Dedicating something for someone special is always full of joy. When you get a chance to do something like this, you surely feel obliged and find a new way to make it happen in a great way. The dedication can be a simple poem recitation, song or even a dance whatever he adores the most. If you do such a gesture for him, he will be surely glad that you are in his life. In this way, he will fall for you again and he will forget to abut the past and will remember only the present time.

24. Arrange a romantic dinner date

Romantic candle light dinner can light up anyone’s mood so will be your partners. take him out to his favorite place and order the dish he loves. After that, his mood will automatically change and you will get your partner’s smile again. So, trying this can surely amaze you and your partner.


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