How To Say I am Sorry – In 24 Innovative Ways You Can Say “I’m Sorry” to Your Partner

9. Try to create a list

Avoiding those long tests, try to create a list which will be short and sweet. Meanwhile, you can make different lists to make him feel about At the same time, in the different list, you can make him feel about your mistake and how much guilty you are. Along with that, being far from him, how are you feeling and so on.Reading all such stuff, maybe he can forget about your fault and would get back to you.


10. Express your guilt

If you find a way to talk to him then, don’t miss a chance to make him feel you are genuinely sorry. If he doesn’t understand that don’t you dare to say that thing again and again. You are sorry and you accept that what’s more, you can do for him. Someday. when he realizes that he will be back if not, it’s his loss, isn’t it? So, don’t panic and stay relaxed.

11. A secret message with a twist

Doing same old thing is quite boring, isn’t it? If you too feel the same why don’t you opt for something fusion? For a twist, all you need to have is a bottle for placing your secret message. Your partner will surely go to the kitchen to have water or anything else then, he will notice that. Seeing something creative pleases anyone’s eyes so will be your partner’s. Thus, add spice while expressing love as well as apologizing your partner.

12. Add Sticky notes


To get the apology, you need to find new ways. One of them is sticky notes at different places in order to make him feel you are hearty sorry. You can write all the things you want to say. Sticking to bathroom’s mirror to fridge, you can make him understand how deeply you care about him. At the same time, his forgiveness is all you wanted and the love between you two.

13. Tune on apology music

Doesn’t matter, what kinds a voice you have. All it matters when you sincerely try to do something for your loved one. If you truly are sorry for your mistake then, start singing a song in your voice and apologize for what you have done. In order to cheer the mood of your partner, can’t you just attempt for such an activity? Listening to your song, there is much possibility that your partner will surely admire your work and will feel that you can do anything to make him happy.

14. Pen down something

Whether you are a great writer or not, you can undoubtedly go with some writing that can influence your partner. If you can, you can write a poem or create a story with a partner so that he can get the point you want him to realize. Writing something is an easy way to attract one’s heart so will be your partner’s too. Therefore, get a paper and start writing that can easily touch his heart and he can’t stop himself from returning to the same old days.

15. Home made food

If your partner is angry with you, don’t you worry. You surely know what’s your partner’s favorite dish than what are you waiting for. Just go to the kitchen and cook his favorite dish and make him have that. Doing so, he will not only identify your love and care but also get closer to you more than ever. Sometimes these small things can even sort out big differences. Thus, try out this method, it will surely work for you.

16. Take him out

Fresh air can sometimes change the mood of anyone. So, why don’t you try it up with your partner, ask him to come out and explore different places with him? You can even take him to those places where your memories are set. Remembering those past beautiful memories, he may forgive you and may get back to normal. Finding new ways to making someone’s mood can make him feel special as well.


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