How To Say I am Sorry – In 24 Innovative Ways You Can Say “I’m Sorry” to Your Partner

When you unintentionally create some mess and you feel sorry, how do you clear it out? Only saying a simple sorry is not enough, we need to grow up and opt for new ways in order to make your partner feel, he is special.  Have you ever tried some creative ways to which you can say your loved one sorry and at the same time expressed you’re loved for him? If not, now you can be little creative and find new ways to correct your mistake. If you work hard to do such things for him, he will know his importance in your life and will love you more than he used to.


Here are some unique ways that may surely hep you out to get an apology from your partner. Not only that, getting such a special treatment he will never get angry with you. Instead, he will try to understand the situation and you as well. So, check out the ways and try to add them in your life too. Hurry up girls!!!!

How to Say I Am Sorry Ways

I Am Sorry

In 24 Innovative Ways You Can Say “I’m Sorry” to your Partner:

1. Short and cute message

If you want to apologize to someone, very special then just a single cute message can sort out everything. It’s very sweet and a nice way to feel the other person that you are seriously guilty for what you did. It was not intentional. At the same time, Saying “I’m so sorry, I was wrong” you won’t be small in dignity but your importance may sure.

2. Secret messages

You can try something tricky, why don’t you go for secret messages? If you do so, you can make him feel how importance he is for you. You can even put those messages where he goes the most, maybe his bedroom’s mirror or drawer.  Make sure you don’t complete instead puzzle him.


3. Know what’s your fault

If you think, you are wrong somewhere try to recognize and accept that. If you do so, the one in front of you will surely see your acknowledgment and will surely feel how guilty you are.Therefore, doing so you will not only find the new way to be with her but he will be impressed too.

4. Identify and ask him the solutions

Try to ask him, how can you make up your mistake. You can ask him about the punishment or anything that can make him believe that you are genuinely sorry. Doing such, his heart may melt and can forgive you so try it. It may force him to think that you are seriously guilty for what you did.

5. Be self-deprecating

You should make him aware that nobody is perfect and everybody has their own flaw. One can do mistake but it’s not necessary that it is done intentionally. Try to make him feel like you are tired of saying him sorry or trying different things just to make him understand that you are normal human being. That’s it.

6. Don’t expect forgiveness

In order to get forgiveness, try to face the person you had affected too. You can make him understand that you are not trying to get forgiveness shortly instead you are just making him feel like you are literally sorry. Thus, opting with this, all you want is he could feel your guilt.

7. A sweet handwritten note

If you could, you can even try and up with a handwritten note. By expressing your own feeling, you can add what you have in your heart. Switching to this idea, you can pour all your heart out. At the same time, if you have something more you can include that too. Therefore, the choice is all yours to make him understand that you are guilty.

8. Post him a note somewhere

If you don’t have time but still you want to apologize the one you love then you can simply post him a note. Doing that, he could find out how mad are you to get that apology. Sending a simple note can convey him the message that how much his forgiveness matters to you. Not only this, he will feel your importance in his life too, better try it. It may surely help you.


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