How to Make a Guy Jealous ? 23 Hilarious Ways to Make a Your Guy #Lover Jealous

15. Remain unavailable to him


Being with other person rather than the same person is sometimes necessary. Avoiding calls messages may make him feel, he is getting far from you. May be after that he may feel the love you used to give him. The care you use to share. He will then, miss the moments spent with you.  That’s what we actually want and after this you will get what you deserve.

16. Get a guy in between your conversation

When you and your partner are talking about your life and in between if you bring out a name of your guy friend what will be his reaction? He will surely get angry and will try to avoid it at the beginning. But if you continue to talk about it on and on, he won’t tolerate instead will get out from that place. If he do such, he is really very insecure about you.

17. Craze for stars

Whether you have really meant it seriously or not but talking about your favorite star again and again is crazy. But the actual madness starts when you will talk about them with your loved one. If you keeping doing that, he will surely find reasons to do something that can distance him from you. Keep it limited, otherwise it may hamper your relationship as well.

18. Don’t be predictable

It’s like, if someone’s know you and understands you perfectly he will get your tricks in no time. In order make your plans successful, you need to be unpredictable. For that, you need to act different than you usually do. Therefore, you can be in safe side and he won’t understand whether you are serious or tricking him to make him feel jealous.So, don’t get too involved that you forget the reality.

19. Have a fight without any reason

Create a situation, where you can have a fight easily. One thing you need to understand is, don’t go to him in order to sort out the things. This time, make him come to you and apologize to you. Sometimes, you need to throw tantrums to get the love you deserve. If you too feel the same, you can give this trick a try and feel the difference in your relationship.

20. Reach home late 

In order to annoy your partner, spend your whole day at your office and don’t give any time to your partner. If you do such, he will be compelled to think why are you doing this. If he had done anything wrong and so. After that, he will come to for your explanation because he cares and don’t wants to loose you in any case. So, set some doubt in his mind that will make him realize how precious are to him.


21. Be mysterious

Being mysterious can play important role if you want to make your partner really very jealous. If you do things you do usually, he will know what are you up to. But if you do the same thing in a different manner than he won’t get you. Thus, for that you need to divert the mind of your partner to make your mission accomplished. Having done, you will see his curiosity to know what you going to do and where you are busy and stuffs like that . Even can follow you in order to know with whom you are travelling as well…it’s so much fun isn’t it?

22. Spending time with someone

If you are not with him and having a quality time with your other friends, he will feel like he doesn’t matter to you.  He will try to know where are you and in order to show he is okay,  he will have fun with his friends. But deep inside, he will be thinking about you. He will pry for your safety and will try to call you to know you are okay. One thing you need to remember, you need to set a limit otherwise you may be in a trouble at times.

23. Leave your phone

When you are having a chat with a guy make sure your partner is beside you. After that, drop your phone where you were sitting. If you will do such thing, he will surely feel how famous you are. Other than him, you have enough guys as well as friends to have talks and spend time with. He will undoubtedly re-read all your messages and feel jealous with the guy you was chatting with. Seeing all such happening is so wonderful…girls try out this trick. It’s really need to be done.

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  1. This sounds awful and heartless.. Here in America it is a great way to lose your man. And it is dishonest, not sure why anyone would find it a good idea to make drama, life brings enough real drama. Best of luck, I would not do any of these things.

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