How to Make a Guy Jealous ? 23 Hilarious Ways to Make a Your Guy #Lover Jealous

8. Talk with your old boyfriend


Finding you chatting with your ex, your boyfriend will surely get shattered. To add a spice to your fun, you can even laugh and smile in between the conversation. Looking at you, he is surely going to get mad over your ex lover and will try to come to you in order to see what is he messaging. It’s quite exciting to do such stuff with your love, isn’t it?

9. Do stuff for others, but not him 

If you ever ignore the person, you love. He will surely realize it before you try to do so. taking care of everyone can making him feel avoided will surely disturb him. He will try to analyse where he went wrong. He will try to get to you but you will be seen busy with someone else. It’s kind a fun yet doing such, we too feel bad yet everything is fair in love and war.

10. Get help from other members of your family

In order to get most of it, you can even include your and his members of family. To create more drama to your love life, these members will spice up with different flavors. You need to make them understand about their roles other than that everything is sorted. Thus, you can give it a take and move with this tips. Hurry up girls.

11. Express it with your behavior

Your partner will easily catch the change in your reaction and easily see change in you. If you show it intentionally, he won’t identify quickly. Not listening to his talks or avoiding his presence can make him feel like something is wrong. After this, it on you how you take it to next level or stop doing this.


12. Capture attention from someone else

Not seriously, in order to gain your lovers attention you can have an eye on other guy. If you do such, he will surely get affected. On the other hand, he will be really very jealous and try to be close to you. Sometimes, it is needed in order to make him feel that you are important and you can even find someone if you want. Girls, you too can try this trick and make your love go jealous.

13. Add pictures on social networking sites

When your love one is not around, don’t forget to click pictures. It’s all as you can make him feel jealous and make him realize you enjoyed without him. You will be able to tease him with your pictures that will speak up themselves. So, girls be ready to mock such boyfriend you needs to be treated all this.

14. Slow and steady reply

While he is free and texting you fast, try to slow down yourself. Send him a message after a long duration sop that he could know you are busy somewhere. At the same time, he will feel if you are with someone else or something like that. He had never ever thought such when he had replied you late…isn’t it. Now, its his turn to know how it feel, what’s say?

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  1. This sounds awful and heartless.. Here in America it is a great way to lose your man. And it is dishonest, not sure why anyone would find it a good idea to make drama, life brings enough real drama. Best of luck, I would not do any of these things.

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