How to Make a Guy Jealous ? 23 Hilarious Ways to Make a Your Guy #Lover Jealous

Girls, if you want to be in a relationship you need to d some efforts to make it work. Otherwise, lose the love between you two will soon disappear in the air. Doesn’t matter, how moody or possessive is your partner, you know that he loves you a lot isn’t it? But to make it happen in action, you have to try something that will force him to show his inner love. Try to bring something unusual so that your relationship will be fresh forever.If you won’t able to do that, your partner loses interest in you. In order to have an excitement in your relationship, you can create circumstances to make him feel jealous.


Here are different ways to make your lover realize that how important you are to him. In order to make him understand  that how much you matter,  you can play some tricks with him and make him badly feel jealous however, you can. So, have a look and try to add these tips to your life and make your partner get more closer to you. Hurry up girls!! Here are about tips on how to make a guy jealous?

How to Make a Guy Jealous ? 23 Hilarious Ways to Make a Your Guy #lover Jealous

1. Turn yourself to Sexy girl

In order to make your loved one, you can make changes in your appearance .You can either have a haircut and or beautify yourself with such an accessory that can add glam to your look. Moreover,y ou can even go for manicure and pedicure to make yourself gorgeous than you were before. Don’t forget to make your partner jealous as this can boost the love between you two.

2. Flirt with someone else

If you are having fun with someone else, your guy is surely going be jealous and might get upset at times . It’s a great way make him feel how he exactly feel for you.When he will notice that you can in fling with someone else,h e can’t resist and will try to throw that guy out of your life. Therefore, girls you can try such tricks with your partner.

3. Using social networking sites


Through social media like Facebook or whatsapp , you can involve yourself and find new friends all over .If you ever feel to make your partner jealous, you can simply add a post or a picture with another guy. When he will see that don’t get shocked as it will be thrilling. This will also show how much possessive is he towards you and faith as well. Doing so, he will prove his love and what about you. What are you going to do in order to express your love towards you?

4. Go for Girls day out

Sometimes you need to hang out with your girl gangs rather than spending time all alone. You surely need to enjoy your day without your partner and gather memories doing something different than you usually do. Don’t make yourself down waiting for him instead make new plans with your other friends.So doing this will realize your guy that you don’t need him and that’s how he will get back to you.

5. Shaking legs with legs.

When you are invited to your partner’s friend party, you can get close to him. If you do such,y ou can make him concentrate on yourself. He will check each and every step taken from you and will surely find ways to be around you. For you,t hat’s awesome as this is what you wanted. That’s how you can get him closer and create jealousy in his heart.

6. Compliment someone saying “You look Hot”

What would happen If you ever compliment some other guy, when your boyfriend is next to you? Without any doubt, he will be in shock and will hate the person you are hanging around. He will even try to keep you away from that person or get away from that place alone. So, don’t you want to try this thing with your guy?

7. Why don’t you join a gym

If you want to try something adventurous, you can go for a gym. Along with that, you can even choose a hot trainer for yourself. When you get back to home, you can share how much the trainer supports you to your partner. Listening to that, he will surely get insecure and will find way out to get close to you. This tips can be very beneficial for you, go for it girls.

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  1. This sounds awful and heartless.. Here in America it is a great way to lose your man. And it is dishonest, not sure why anyone would find it a good idea to make drama, life brings enough real drama. Best of luck, I would not do any of these things.

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