49 Tips on How to Impress a Guy Who You are Having a Crush On

Liking someone is kind a simple but impressing the one you like is not that easy as you think. In a few moments, there are chances which can bring someone so near and if things go wrong, you even have to go through a big embarrassment. I guess you are lucky, here are 50 different ways that can help you to impress the one who has fallen in love with. Thus, have a look at out these tips which may help you in your near future.


49 Tips on how to impress guy who you are having a crush on

1. Smile can do wonders



A smiling face can impress anyone. You ever know how it can make someone’s day. So, wherever you find your crush near you, just smile at him. After that, watch the magic of your smile. It won’t only attract him but can recognize your love towards him.

2. Don’t Rush


whenever you are with him, don’t be in a hurry. This can ruin your impression. So, before you start, you need to prepare the question that can give you chance to talk to that person. You can ask him about his hobbies and stuff like that. That’s how you will able to talk to him without any difficulty.


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