5 Things to Do in The Hot Summer Days to Be Relax & Cool Off

Summer, falls between spring and autumn and is the hottest  season among the four temperate seasons. It makes us sweaty, hard to focus on our work and is sometimes even frustrating. The heat is sometimes too much to handle.


Unless you turn the air conditioner to the coldest setting and stay there for the whole summer, there is no way you can cool down. Or that’s what you thought. Here are 5 things to do on a hot summer day to cool off, relax and make the most out of it:

5 Things to Do in The Hot Summer Days to Be Relax & Cool Off

1. Swimming

People have been swimming since far back as 10000 years ago according to the artworks from the cave of swimmers in southwest Egypt. On a hot summer’s day, no matter how much you try to cool down yourself, or try to hide from the sun, you will never feel that it’s enough. Especially in subtropical or tropical places like Nepal or India, the summer months can be as hot as 34° Celsius to 40° Celsius. Apart from swimming helping you to cool down, it also has several benefits. Swimming is a water sport that is both cardio as well as strength training. Since water is eight hundred times denser than air, your muscles are under constant resistance from the water.



Beautiful actress Malaika Arora In Swimming Pool

In addition, swimming requires you to constantly move and control your breathing which is counted as cardio. Swimming is also beneficial because it is low impact and easy on the joints. You can do a lot of high-intensity swimming without the wear and tear of your muscles. It also helps your body adapt to the use of oxygen more efficiently. It teaches our lungs to take on more oxygen with each inhalation and exhale more carbon dioxide with each exhalation.

It also increases your tidal volume, which means, lower resting heart rates, lower blood pressure, and even better running performance. Furthermore, swimming can be done by anyone, from injured athletes to pregnant women, swimming is a leisure sport and you can control the intensity according to your needs.

2. Ice bath

Ice baths are usually taken by athletes like those in mixed martial arts and those who play football. The theory behind this is that the exposure to cold, usually up to 5 degrees Fahrenheit, helps to counteract the effects of the intensive training that would in other cases, cause micro-tears in the muscles, tissue breakdown, and overall muscle soreness preventing you from training at your fullest for at least 48 hours.

However, ice baths are not just for athletes. It can be done by normal people during hot summer days. Ice baths are also good if you are tired from any physical activity. The ice bath is thought to constrict blood vessels and restrict blood flow to your traumatized limbs. After the ice bath, when your body starts to warm up, fresh new blood is pumped by your heart into those muscles making you ready for the next physically draining session.


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