12 Signs Which Indicates Your Body Lacks of Enough Water

In the busy schedule of our life, we often forget to drink enough water which we need to regulate our body systems. I also have many bottles of water on my table but I often forget to drink them. I have consciousness in my mind that drinking water is important and I should drink water regularly, but even though I have consciousness, I don’t drink regularly because I don’t have a habit of filling the glass and drink and I am so busy in my life routine. I am sure many people have the same problem and don’t care about drinking water. As we all know about 75% of our body is made up of water. Water is a very crucial factor for regulating all functions of our body. Some functions of water are


Some functions of water are described below

• it helps to make our digestion better,
• it removes the waste products and toxins of our body,
• it maintains our body temperature,
• it makes our muscle work better,
• it maintains the normal texture of skin and keep skin hydrated
• it also regulates the brain function.

All cells and tissues of our body are made up of water. Our body detects even a minimal change in normal water level and makes attempt to save the remaining water. Our body starts warning us when we are dehydrated and the lost water is not replaced. Chronic dehydration puts you at risk of diabetes mellitus, cancer, high blood pressure, obesity and many other diseases.


Following are some signs which we experience when your body lacks water. If you too are experiencing the given signs that your body is trying to warn you that your body lacks required water.


12 Signs Which Indicates Your Body Lacks of Enough Water

1. Headache :

Dehydration alters your brain function as brain composes of 73% water. It causes insufficient blood flow to the brain and causes a frequent headache and lightheadedness. So, when you get a headache drink a glass of water first before reaching for a pill.

2. Poor concentration and memory:

Lack of oxygen and nutrients to brain during dehydrated state causes poor concentration of that person. Memory is also impaired in chronic dehydration. Even a mild dehydration may leads to focus, alertness, and memory. If you have small children, give a them a glass of water before exam, it will help to improve concentration and memory.

3. Cracked lips / dry skin:

For our skin to be moist and hydrated water is needed. Skin is in continuous contact with the surrounding and it loses water faster by evaporation. so when we are dehydrated, the skin could not get enough water and becomes dry and lips are also cracked. you can check the amount of dehydration by pinching the back of hand. Pinch your back skin and slowly release. If it comes down to original position within 3 seconds then your skin is fine. But if it takes more than 3 seconds to come down to an original position than you probably may be dehydrated and your skin may be dry.

4. Bad breath and dry mouth:

A common symptom of dehydration is bad breath. During dehydration, saliva production decreases and oral cavity becomes dry. Saliva is an essential component which regulates the microorganism growth in an oral cavity. So a lack of saliva increases bacterial growth and gives us bad breath. Reduced saliva can also result in tooth decay and gum problems.

5. Foul body smell:

As water is essential in removing the wastes out of our body, dehydration causes accumulation of wastes and toxins in cells for future removal. Chronic dehydration causes odor from those dry cells.


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