15 Natural Ingredients That Can Help You To Get Rid of Suntan

While you think of having tannning, it is such a common one. It mainly happens when you walk in the sun without any without any suns cream and wearing half sleeves wear as well.  You go for shopping or at the beach without knowing how the sun can affect you and your skin. You just try to enjoy the moment without thinking, what you will have to face tomorrow.  Now onwards, you need to be careful while going out in the sun. It will not only protect your skin will secure you from further trouble at the same time.


We all go for artificial products like face washes and suns cream that promises us to provide tan-free skin and some of them really do and some don’t. Don’t you feel like these products only give you artificial look yet can’t present you with the beauty you had before? Always remember, if you apply too much makeup or beauty products, your skin will lose its actual beauty. Try to use them according to its necessity. Not avoiding the fact that these are expensive too. Without wasting money, you can appear beautiful in a natural way as well.

Here are soothing and natural ways to keep yours away from tanning problem. A beautiful skin looks good in whatever you wear and wherever you go. Try these naturals’ ways rather than the artificial ones in order to appear in a good state. These ingredients will surely help you to get rid of tan. I’m sure, you won’t be disappointed at all.

15 Natural Ingredients That Can Help You To Get Rid of Tan

1. Add Lemon Juice:


Ingredients You Need:

  • All you need is a lemon.

You Need to:

  • Half the lemon and massage it on the areas, you have a tan.
  • You can leave it for at least you have a shower.

How many times:

Why This Works:

  • We often apply lemon juice to get rid of scars on the face. But, we can also use it to reduce tan without making the skin dry. This may be due to acids containing in lemon juice that act as skin glowing treatment. Doing this on a daily basis will make your skin get rid of tan easily in a short span of time.

2. Opt with Lemon Juice, Cucumber, And Rose Water

Ingredients You Need:

  •  Lemon juice
  •  Cucumber extract
  •  Rose water

What You Have To Do:

1.Combine the entire products.
2. Use the paste on tanned affected areas generously.
3. Wash it off after 15 minutes.

How Often You Should Do This:

Apply it on a daily basis.

Why This Works:

If you find lemon can infect your skin, you can add some homemade pack such as Multani mithi. The lemon juice is used in order to clear out the tan while the cucumber juice and rose water adds glows and brightens up your face.

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