18 Quick Remedies That Can Heal Your Cold and Cough Easily

There is no cure for a cold but it can always be prevented. It seems to be a small thing but f not prevented it can lead to severe illness. Whatever the root cause is, cold can be quite cumbersome. It is often accompanied by fever, headache, sore throat, cough, a bland taste in mouth, stuffy nose.Cold doesn’t last much long,however you need to be careful and that protective measures to recover as soon as possible.It is better if people avoid antibiotics as much as possible.The antibiotics doesn’t provide any health benefits but at the same time doesn’t work on a body if you take too much of antibiotics


Green leafy vegetables

You must also keep in mind that certain herbs may not suit everyone.Also, some people may be allergic to certain foods or ingredients you need to be careful in that case.At the same time, see that the material like honey you use ae fresh and organic.However, natural home remedies are always advisable as they do not even cause any side effects.Here are some remedies that will help you to kick out cold and stay healthy.


1.Garlic, lemon, honey recipe.

This is one of the old classic recipe that will easily kick out the common cold.It is one of the oldest recipe that you don’t even have to question yourself for.Garlic is another important ingredient that helps to keep a healthy body.It helps to flush out the toxin present in our body and opens up the respiratory passage,thus is considered good or cold and its other symptoms.Its simple you can combine them with other ingredient too.This is particularly useful for a cold that is accompanied by a sore throat and a dry cough.A few studies have indicated that it can be used to expedite relief from cold .


Things you will require;

  • 1 medium clove of garlic
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • Warm water



Crush the garlic clove and keep it in the glass poured with lemon juice.Top it off with honey and add warm water to it.You can drink this every morning regularly for some days till you’re well with your symptoms.This remedy will help you to get rid of a soar throat and dry cough.



Talking raw honey is another effective way to get rid of cold.It boosts your immune system,it also contain anti-viral properties that help it to make it an ingredient for common cold.Honey is well known for potent healing and its antiviral properties.For maximum benefit try choosing raw honey or organic honey.You make replace honey instead of sugar for sweetness in herbal teas as well.

Things you will require;

  • Warm water
  • Lemon


You can simply eat a table spoon of honey or mix some honey with warm water. It will help your body to develop a tolerance for allergens native to your region.It is advisable to eat 2 tablespoon of honey every day if you are taking it directly.

3.Chest Slave

This is a good recipe for making your own vapor rub. While I prefer the former recipe, this works well if you just want a little something to use in conjunction with a hot water bottle.The menthol in the essential oil is what creates the cooling sensation that makes you feel like you can breathe easier, even when you’re all stuffed up.

You will require;

  • 1/2 cup of coconut oil
  • 15-20 drops of peppermint essential oil
  • airtight container


On a  boiler, melt the coconut oil.Pour it into an airtight container.Add the peppermint essential oil.Stir it well. Wait for to cool down. when this cools down seal it off. Once it has cool down completely  simply rub that on your chest or nose.Be careful that this doesn’t touch your eyes.

 4.Loosen up with heat.

This one is a good fashioned, help loosen phlegm and really deep congestion in the chest. It’s a very simple, home remedy that is very soothing. If you like, rub a little of the above salve on your chest to increase effectiveness.

You will require;

  • A hot water bottle
  • a soft fabric


Start with hot water,and fill the half way, let the air get out of it and then you can continue filling it.Remember it should be little squishy.this way it will lay on whatever surface you’re keeping it on. Wrap t in a piece of fabric and lay it on your back between your shoulder blades or on chest ,wherever you prefer too.This is a quick remedy to heal your cold.


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