12 Natural Treatment That Can Provide You Relief in Your Swollen Ankles

7. Get a massage the feet and ankles


After you get a massage from someone, you can get an instant relief from swollen ankles. As this massaging job can surely minimize your pain all at once. It lessens pain, swelling and makes your blood circulation in a correct state. You can massage your foot softly applying mild pressure. You need to be gentle in tender areas as it can create damage. Hence, try it if you need better results.

  • Press the joints of the toes to stimulate the muscles and nerves.
  • Massage the bottom of the foot.
  • Massage the legs from feet towards knees.

When you feel like your legs are dry, you can use some oil while you massage your foot. Regardless of the cause of the swollen ankle, massaging reduces pain and inflammation to some extent. Therefore, if your ankle is swollen because of some accident, slip or anything else you surely need to contact a doctor that can help you more than this natural remedy.


8. Try to drink lots of water

We think but forget to drink water. Afterwards, we regret about not having it on time. Our body muscles and tissues need water for optimal functioning. Dehydration or lack of water content in the body leads to water retention. This ca cause heavy injuries on your ankles too. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water every day keeps your body hydrated. If you follow this routine, you won’t have any health issues.When you do strenuous work or workout for longer and in hot and humid weather, increase your intake of water.


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