12 Natural Treatment That Can Provide You Relief in Your Swollen Ankles

3.Reduce your mobility, rest your ankles


If you don’t want to have a swollen ankle, all you need to do is you have to reduce your mobility. If you go for overloaded works or try heavy gym exercises then, you may face such problems. You surely need to get some time in order to have proper health ad healthy body. You need to be careful.


4. Move your foot as much as possible

Listening to this therapy, you might feel weird. But if you don’t move for legs, your ankles muscles will not respond well. In fact, this has to be done when your swollen ankles are a result of excessive time sitting for a long period of time in a bus or a flight or anything else.

While you are sitting continuously for long hours, it can make your feet inactive and will get weaken. It also affects in the process of blood circulation and increases the pain as well. So, you need to move time and again.


Author: Kritika Poddar

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