23 Stylish Ideas to Apply Eyeliner That Can Create Magic In Your Look

Although, eyeliner may seem like a common makeup still it sparks your appearance very well.  It adds a different charm to you. You can get several ideas and styles that can amaze your liner in a different way. But, it will matter only when you will layer it with a unique style. Sometimes, in a hurry, you put the liner in a messy way which can affect your look.  You need to have patience when you use a liner; calmly you need to stretch the lie ad look beautiful.


Here, you will find different styles to put liner that cannot only beautify you but present yourself in an incredible manner. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the styles and start doing it, you never know how it may help you. To make someone crazy, you can surely add this idea. Thus, hurry up girl’s and choose yours.

23 Stylish Ideas to Apply Eyeliner That Can Create Magic In Your Look

1. Opt for Something Punky


In order to look out of the box, why don’t you try such type of eyeliner This style will not only attract the people around you but will present you with an amazing appearance as well. You may think like it’s kind tough but let me tell you it’s quite easy. If you find it difficult then, you can even have a look at the tutorials to get a design as in the picture.

2. Flawless Open Wings Liner


Every girl wants to look fashionable, isn’t it? If you are one of them then, have a look at this style in the above picture. I’m sure, you will fall I love with such a classy look. For this, all you need to do is sketching lines and link them to make them thicker and add the wings at the corner. Try to be relaxed while you are doing this. As this look is different, you can the dazzle like a fashionista. To add more spice, you can even add eye shadow that can make you look more impressive.

3. Simple and Subtle Eye Liner



If you want to look pretty, you can check out this look at the picture. This look may look quite simple but can do wonders for you. You can use this look at casual events as well as in the party or informal events. Getting this look is not difficult and it can be done in no time. So, are you going for this style this season? Think about it girls, before it’s too late.

4. Twist it with a Feather Design


Adding such a design in an event or at a wedding, you will be in the limelight for sure. Having it done, you won’t need any accessories or anything, as this style will stun your look in a different manner. Next time, when you are out for a party you should definitely try this style of a liner. Trust me, you will be showered with lots and lots of compliments. Get ready to have the last girl.

5. Elegant Light Black Liner


If you want to look elegant then, why don’t you opt for this look? As this look can look sizzling ad ca create magic in your overall appearance. After you choose this look, you will surely make  me crazy over you. So, are you ready to grab this look and look gorgeous? I’m sure, you won’t be disappointed at all. So, try it once.

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