14 Ways on How to Lose Weight Fast & Safely at Home

Obesity is a worldwide issue and the worst thing about it is that it is not only killing in itself but it also provides with a lot of other physical ailments like bone issues, cardiac disorders, and even mental depression. But not to worry about it as we are going to tell you a healthy lifestyle routine that you need to adopt if you really want to lose weight. Lean, slim and hot body not only enhances your confidence level but also makes your loved ones feel good. Furthermore, you can enjoy the sensational dresses that youngsters normally wear.


One thing that you need to ensure is that all great destinations need the effort to reach them. There is not any shortcut to achieve success. If you really want to achieve something big, you need to work hard and out of your comfort zone. The matter of fact about obese people is that they get fat when their calorie intake is more than the calorie consumption. But to get a slim and lean figure, you have to lower your calorie intake by the doing workouts, exercises and by eating limited but healthy food and in this way, your fat reserves will have to dissolve to meet the energy demands. And gradually, you will notice fat parts of your body shrinking.

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Besides this energy intake and consumption theory, obesity can also be due to the environmental and genetic factors. Thus, know firstly about the reason for your obesity and then take medications and diet according to it. Some of the common but beneficial tips to lose weight quickly are mentioned below.

14 Ways on How to Lose Weight Quickly & Safely at Home

1. Excess water intake:

Water intake in enough amount is essential to dissolve the extra fat reserves and to lose weight quickly. Generally, people drink cartons of juices to fulfill their craving or by being deceived by its healthy nutritional values but actually, their artificial flavors and sugars have adverse effects on health and cause obesity rather than casting positive health effects. Moreover, despite having 100 calories per serving, these beverages are not enough to make your tummy full and as a result, you have to intake another meal to satisfy your appetite. Therefore, it is recommended to drink water having zero calories and carbohydrates and minimum sodium content rather than using fizzy drinks having a burst of calories and preservatives.



Drinking water also have pleasant effects on your skin and all other body systems. But try to be moderate in every life action. You can also add mint and lemon to the water to enhance its weight dissolving property.

2. Ban packet food and simple carbs:

Packet food or processed eatables are not good at all for your health. They are not only uneconomical but also the main cause of obesity. Wheat or white flour, spaghetti, rice, bread, cakes, rolls and fried items are strictly prohibited. These simple carbs are easily digested, thus making you hungry again and you are more likely to overeat. While complex carbs present in vegetables and fruits are digested slowly thus making you feel fuller for a longer time. Moreover, fruits and vegetables have a greater water content, thus flushing your excess fat and helping you to lose weight quickly.


3. Regular 7-8 hours’ sleep:

An average person needs to take 7-8 hours’ sleep as it increases your mental sharpness and also enhances your physical activities. Another advantage of long sleep is that you don’t get enough time for unnecessary cravings. In addition to it, proper sleep according to your requirement enhances muscle tonicity, builds muscles and increases metabolic rate thus providing you with overall fitness.


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