Healthy Tips for Teens – How to Be Healthy and Fit Teenagers

For teens, a healthy balanced lifestyle is very necessary because their body is undergoing many physical changes. By eating all the essential nutrients daily will allow your body to grow properly. Some essential nutrients that should not be skipped by teens are Iron, Calcium, and Vitamin D as the absence of these minerals may cause any deformity in the body. Moreover, they also experience some serious mental, social and academic issues because of the rush of energy enthusiasm that they have at this peak time of youth. Thus some healthy tips for teens are discussed below.


How can teens stay healthy?

Teens can stay healthy by following these easy tips regularly.

Healthy Tips for Teens – How to Be Healthy and Fit Teenager

1. Take proper diet

Teens always love to eat food that is low in calories which may affect their growth. Eating less caloric food and higher in quantity may result in overweight and also may cause several health problems. Therefore, it is necessary to make them aware of Healthy tips for teens for better growth.


  • Always prefer healthy food rich in calcium because calcium helps to make bones and teeth strong. Teens must add food rich in calcium to their diet and such foods include milk and dairy products as well as green vegetables.
  • Make a proper diet plan that includes three meals a day, 5 portions of vegetables, 4 portions or plates of fruits and at least 4 portions of dairy products. This diet plan should strictly be followed daily.
  • Moreover, feeling tired all the time is may be due to iron deficiency in teens. Especially, the girls at teenage lose their iron during periods. Therefore, teens need to take the foods rich in iron like spinach, red meat, apple and breakfast cereals fortified with iron. The iron syrup is also recommended to fulfill this deficiency.
  • Don’t go for packet food and fast food items. Excessive use of chocolates, cakes, pizza, cookies and even chips is not good at all for your health. It may seem okay to intake these items but you may have long-term harmful effects on your health that may show later.
  • The skipping meal is extremely killing than what you think. You may experience loss in brain function, tiredness, hair loss and your performance in your school will be 10 % low as compared to your fellows who take breakfast.
  • Also take your daily supplements without any break. Vitamins and minerals deficient teens have pale color as compared to healthy teens. And for the suggestions like which supplements you have to take, consult your doctor. He will recommend you supplements according to your need. But it is best to take your all essential and non-essential nutrients through diet.

2. Do Exercise

Teens should engage in activities that involve aerobic activity the most and it helps to increase heart rate and help in good circulation of blood throughout the body. It is the best type of exercise as it keeps the body fit and healthy and also makes lungs and heart work properly. Such types of activities include swimming, playing basketball and running.To build strong muscles practice stretching of your body daily this will make your joints and muscles flexible. It has been suggested to stretch your body after taking exercise because it cools down your muscles after exercise.



Adopt healthy lifestyle such as watch less TV and spend less time in playing video games utilize this time in some sort of exercise or physical activity. Try simple physical activities daily such as sit-ups, climbing stairs and stretching of a body.So direct all your energy to some positive activities like sports, exercise or gymnastics. This is the healthy tip for teens that they must need to follow.

3. Keep yourself hydrated

Try to take plenty of fluids especially water during and after taking exercise. This will replace the deficiency of water that you sweat during taking exercise. You can also use flavored sports drinks while taking exercise but make sure that these fluids should contain less amount of sugar. Remember, use of soft drinks is far more harmful than what you think. Soft drinks squeeze the calcium from the bones. Moreover, they result in tooth erosion and decay.


Because brain cells need fluids to maintain its performance. Thus teens who are going to school or college need to know their daily requirements. Researchers suggest 1.75 liters of water per day for males and 1.4 liters per day for the females. Teens taking part in sports, especially during hot, need to drink even more than the normal routine.Unfortunately, teens are taking record amounts of high calorie and sugary fluids like smoothies, high energy drinks and fruit juices, all of which contribute to obesity and weight gain.Moreover, these energy drinks contain stimulants like taurine, guarana and high doses of caffeine which are causing dizziness and nervousness in them.Gastrointestinal problems and Insomnia have also been reported.

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