How to Make a Good Impression Through Body Language

6. Set an objective

The most important thing to do to create a good impression is to set your intention correct. Setting a good intention is reflected in your body language. This can be done when you are going to attend an event where you can encounter new people. The event can be parties, social gatherings, interviews, conferences and so on. As you get ready for the event or getting to the event place, think about what kind of people you will be seeing and talking to and set a monolog interaction through which you can already be informed about the consequences. It helps to be focused on what kind of energy you want to have and give out to people. The good intention will automatically bring out nice body language. Your eyes won’t overdo with the intentions and your hand motion will not outcast your conversation.



7. Present yourself correctly:

Yes, and a big yes, physical appearance does matter at the beginning. It surely does because I don’t think any of us have might see a business person talking to a road cleaner the same way he talks to other company owners. The person you are talking for the first time will have no idea about what you really are as a person on the inside. It will only see how you look and that will be the first hint the person or the stranger has to go through. But don’t take it otherwise, you don’t have to look like a perfect man to create pretty good imprint. The golden key to a good impression is to be what you really are. Start with how you dress on events and occasions. Also, you have to be good. A good haircut and shave for the boys would help. Clean and tidy self with appropriate clothing will make you more confidence and your body language will reflect likewise. If you dress bad and dirty in a social gathering, you will be feeling less confident and shy. You will not be able to talk properly and that’s how you will be judged as something you probably is not.


8. Be undefended and assured:

When it comes to making a good imprint and forming a body language accordingly, internal and external appearance talks more than the words that are spoken. Use your body language so that it can be beneficial to project appropriate you. Outlook should is high and do not get hunched. Smile and sort eye connection, greet to be sociable. This will help you to boost confidence and encourage both the person – you and the other person to talk at ease. And yes, do not outcast yourself and be more confident than needed because most of the people won’t like the attitude you are giving to other people. Talking to the stranger can be hard initially and the person will be nervous like everybody else which can lead to anxiety, faint, fall in blood pressure and even sweaty palms. You need to try to stay calm and composed and do not think about it. You need to control yourself to avoid anxious breakdown or nervous laughs.



9. Be attentive and courteous:

It goes without saying that good behaviors and civil, observant behavior will help to form a nice body language and a great impression. To be honest, if you don’t follow the rule, you might even ruin the chances of being the nice one. You have to form a better imprint on the person you are gathering for the very first time. The person who are talking to or any strangers you will have to talk to be worthy of your hundred percent acquaintances of your attention. If that is not fulfilled, then you are not being the right one.


10. Avoid being an attention seeker:

There are many people who cannot survive without the intake of some attentions. There are people who are self-consumed and are full of themselves me attitude. If you have such tendency you are probably pissed off at the statement but the truth is a truth and it demands to be known and understood. The world certainly does not revolve around such people. If you want your body language to help you form a good impression, try being not self-consumed from the inside. Change such attitude and try to work on a group. Your habit of seeking attention will be like by some people but in the long run, you will be left out with nothing. So try being a group friendly person with no tendency of attention seeking because your body language – your facial expression and hand motions will come out bad more than they thought it to be.


11. Make sure you close on a good note or good terms:

What you need to do is make them lure for more- keep them wanting for more. Show that you had a good time and would be happy to see them again. Maybe even show concern about them. Tell them to call or text when they reach home safely. Comfort is the key here. When you show concern about them, they start to feel that you are a good person and have the good personality. Do not overdo with the physical touch like hugging and kissing. The intention you have set might be proved wrong and they would not like to see you again. So make sure the first meets count.



Author: Susaan Basel

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