How to Make a Good Impression Through Body Language

What is body language and what can it do to affect your life? For me, body language has a strong impact on the behavior and attitude of the person. It reflects all the conscious and unconscious gesture of the person through the internal behavior of them can be known. The body language can include the facial expressions, hand movement, and the postures. There is no doubt that body language is important. You either get benefits or ruin your own image with it. It totally depends on how you make a good use of it. When you are a stranger to somebody or to a group of people, you will feel awkward and that will be seen on your body language. And if you notice you don’t need to speak a word to tell people how and what you really are. Here are the body languages lessons that make a good impression about you among the people you don’t know. Lots of researches have been done and it is said that it only takes only 3 seconds for other people for an impression over others. So that 3 seconds has to be the best. Here are some of the advice you can follow to create a good impression and use body language accordingly. The given points are helpful in everywhere you go and will help whenever you meet strangers. Feel free to comment and give us feedbacks. Feel good and be proud of yourself!!


11 ways on how to make a good impression through body language

1. The overflowing entry of smile:

Please do me a favor, keep smiling when making a conversation. Whatever your smile is like, do not overdo and make it a creepy one. Don’t give out an abrupt smile when you greet someone. It will make people really awkward and different thought might go over the mind of the people. It will also appear like you were stalking them for years and now they are finally here, you won’t just let go. What should you do instead is take a moment and look at the other person’s face for a second and give them a friendly smile that will be easy right? Make sure your eyes shines out more than your smile. You should let a warm, approachable smile overflow over your face that will overflow into your eyes and their soul. The warm smile will stimulate good feeling with positive energy which will make other people think they are glad to talk to them. Even though a second is like a really short period and you don’t know what to do, do not panic. The delay is less than a second but the warmth smile you give to people will convince them that your smile is sincere and loveable and you get credited as a personalized person. There are different and various researches done over the first impression and it proves that slower smile is regarded to add more fruitfulness and self-assurance to how the people observes you. So go ahead and start with a baby step of smiling.


2. Guard your eyes:

As said and mentioned before, do not overdo anything and make it look creepy. Your eyes speak more than any word does. Do not lose focus and see everywhere but the person. You have to make-believe your eyes are stuck to the conversation with the person you are talking or having a conversation. Even though, they are done with the discussion do not look away and still maintain the eye contact you were having. It is very disgracing when people are talking to you and you look away. Even if you must look away, do it slowly- very slowly, stretching the eye until the social difficult disruptions takes place. And with the benefits, you won’t be regarded as rude or ill-mannered but you will appear more quick and kind to people.



3. The impulse action:

People will forget what you talked about and how interesting the conversation was but they will never ever forget on how you reacted to them. Try with your classmates, let them be talking and when they talk about something special about them, make a rapid ugly face and see what they have to tell about it. They will never forgive and forget about the bad reflex you gave to them. People are aware of how you respond to them or to them. When you meet someone new and are strangers, turn your body fully to them and give them the unsullied attention you would give to a newly born child. Giving attentions and listening to them will comfort them gradually. They will notice the time and effort they have put on to the person they are having a conversation with. Giving out 100% care means that they are interested in how you are real as a human being.

4. The twitch limitation:

If you are talking and keep moving your hands as for say, scratching your chin areas you are bound to be labeled as a liar because that is what it appear to be. If you want to look trustworthy, try not to move too much when your chat with the person really matters. It does not sound professional and definitely not appreciated by many of us. Do no move much or what so ever, whatever your habit is. Regular moving of hand near your face will give out negative impression. And also do not get tempted to look at your phone constantly. The people you are talking to might think you are probably lying or trying to get something done from them. What you got to do is keep it simple. Hit a continuous look on the listener and show them that you really want this conversation to go on and they are fully concentrated on the topic they are talking about. Do not let them feel that talking to them has been or is becoming a boring time and whatever they are talking about is a mess where you are not concerned at all.

5. Using your hands or hand motions:

As said earlier, do not ruin with the hand motion and let them feel insecure. Keep the use of hand to a limit and use them on the appropriate time. Hand gestures help you to explain the words or actions in a good manner. It helps you to get the words out of the mouth really quickly which can foster the communication time and pattern and speech productions. Do not fold your hands or wave it because that will an indication that you are not as attentive as other people are.

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