Healthy Tips for Hair – 11 Hair Care Ideas That Every Females (Girls) Must Know

Hair care is as important as the skin and health care. The thick, shiny and beautiful hair increase the confidence of a person by 90 degrees. Women are deeply concerned about choosing the best products for their hair care and this is truly a matter to give attention as these hair products have become a necessity of present time. Therefore, females are suggested to follow healthy tips for hair in their daily routine. By this way, you can not only prevent your hair from harms but can also restore their natural health and shine.


Some tips for healthy hair:

Below are discussed some healthy tips for hair suggested by experts that will surely guide you to the best of everything.

1. Avoid chemical treatments

Women who take the chemical treatments regularly have dry and frizzy hair, so they should not wash their hair daily with intense shampoos having chemicals. Likewise, ladies who use hair dyes are also recommended to take special care of their hair as these chemical products make your hair even more rough and cranky. This is why, two in one shampoo, having conditioner in it, is suggested for these kinds of side effects caused by chemicals. First of all, it is advised that not to use many chemical formulas but if you badly want to use it then use the ones, having least chemicals and most of the cleansers and natural oils. Actually, most of their side effects are due to the presence of sulfates which squeeze the natural oils and shine from hair, thus making your hair frizzy and rough.

Besides using shampoos and conditioners having least number of chemicals, avoid using the styling products because they will result in hair loss and by the long-term use of them, use will see a clear decrease in overall volume of hair. You can also make your own hairspray and gel by herbs and solutions instead of buying them from a store. And strictly follow this precious healthy tip for hair if you really want to have gorgeous hair with natural shine.

Avoid-Too-Many-Cosmetics Avoid chemical treatments in hair

Avoid chemical treatments in hair

2. Take essential nutrients and supplements

It has been said that ‘a man is what he eats’ and same is the case with your hair. If your diet is healthy and full of nutrients required for growth and maintenance of healthy hair, then you will not need that much hair treatments; in fact, there will be a natural shine in your hair. You need to have a well-balanced diet full of vitamin B, omeg-3’s and iron. There is a protein named as ‘Keratin’ that makes hair and nails. Therefore, if you want to beautify your hair, then you need to eat protein-rich diet. Proteinaceous diet includes the beef, fish, chicken and leafy green vegetables such as spinach and kale that also provides you with iron.

 Vitamin D deficiency can prevent the hair from growing thick and healthy. Vitamin B makes your hair healthy and strong and you can fulfill the requirement of this vitamin by eating an ample number of nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Besides these walnuts, avocados and salmon are notable sources of omega-3’s that help to keep your hair healthy. You can also take supplements consisting of biotin that is a member of vitamin B family and is essential to enhance the hair thickness. But its over-usage can also increase the hair growth on face. So yes, like other affairs, moderation is also a key while taking your supplements and nutrients.


Take essential nutrients and supplements for hair growth food

3. Don’t shampoo frequently

According to the experts’ opinion, ladies that have very much oily hair need to wash their hair more frequently as compared to ladies with dry hair. It is recommended to wash hair daily for oily scalp. On the contrary, women having dry hair need to shampoo their hair maximum three times a week and in extreme cases, this timing can also be stretched to five days.

Excessive use of shampoo not only removes the natural oils but also makes your hair stand dry. In this way, you can also avoid the excessive blow-drying that can result in parched hair. But if you want to cleanse your hair between washes, then only rinse your scalp with water and apply conditioner.


hair shampooing

4. Save your hair combing time

You can save your time of combing hair by these simple tricks. In the morning rush, when you have the shortage of time and you want to make yourself first class, meanwhile you have to deal with your hair, blow dry them and comb them within that limited time. First of all, you need to dry your hair with the towel. Then you have to do all other morning activities like breakfast and setting up the room etc. In the meantime, your hair will dry to some extent, and this is the time when only a bit of moisture will be present in your hair and then flip your head over and blow the hair around. Style your hair only when they are 80% dry.

If you will comb your hair when they are wet, they will be more likely to breakage due to the maximum elasticity that wet hair has. Moreover, if you will use hair brush instead of the comb, then they are more likely to break due to the tug of the brush. Thus, always go for hair comb instead of hair brush.


woman brushing hair

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