11 Healthy Snack Recipes Ideas at Home – Step by Step Procedure in Cooking

You crave for spicy and fast foods but you are not allowed to go outside or probably you don’t have the budget or have no friends at all. You sit alone at home and there is nothing you can do about it. Well, now you can. I bring you the shortlisted top recipes which are healthy and can be easily made at home. You can fulfill your cravings in no time and even call your friends at home to share your home made recipes. Do comment below and let us know what you feel about the recipes and how well your “get-together” goes with your friends and family. Here are the recipes are given below:


11 Healthy Snack Recipes Ideas at Home – Step by Step Procedure in Cooking

1. Cheese corn balls

Cheese corn balls recipes pictures

Cheese corn balls recipes

Cheese corn balls are one of the dishes that can be served and to be honest the great thing is it can be fit to all the age group no matter how adult they are. They can be a great snack partner to your boring day.

Ingredients for Cheese corn balls recipes:

• Boiled corn
• Cheese
• Capsicum
• Corn flour
• Slurry
• Bread crumbs
• Red chilies flakes
• Pepper
• Garlic paste

Methods for Cheese corn balls recipes: Step by Step Procedure in Cooking

To make the corn and cheese mixture:

• Take a bowl and start adding the grated cheese, boiled and crushed potato, yellow corn which is to be boiled, red chili flakes, little pepper, garlic paste,green capsicum , coriander leaves finely chopped, corn flour and salt and mix them all.
• Apply a little olive oil to your palm and start making little balls from the mixture.
To make the flour batter:
• Take a bowl, add the flour and water and blend them all. Make sure the batter is even uniformity.
To make the fried balls:
• Take a plate and add some plain flour and roll with the bread crumbs.
• Now you need to do is roll the cheese balls in the flour and dip them in the flour batter and lastly, roll them in bread crumbs.
• Deep fry the well-covered cheese balls and set them aside
• Take your ketchup for final serving.


2. Paneer slices parcel:

Paneer slices parcel recipes pictures

Paneer slices parcel recipes

When it comes to parties and snacks at home, paneer slices and potatoes are two essential dishes to be experimented. The combination of paneer slices and cheese with the veggies is surely worth the craving.

Ingredients for Paneer slices parcel recipes:

• Paneer slices
• Cheese
• Oil
• Celery
• Green chilies
• Capsicum
• Coriander leaves
• Salt
• Spring roll sheets

Methods for Paneer slices parcel recipes: Step by Step Procedure in Cooking

• Start by taking a pan and heat very slight amount of oil.
• Add the finely chopped capsicum and celery and stirring for 10 seconds.
• Add the grated paneer slices, and salt with grated cheese, coriander leaves to above ingredients.
• When all the things are mixed up, start by making small balls.
• Make the flour paste by mixing flour with water which is also called a slurry. Make sure the paste is thick.
• Take the sheet, crinkle them in the center and cut them.
• Take the ball of the filing and place it on the strip by flattening it slightly.
• Start frying them straightaway until they are golden brown in color and crunchy at the surfaces.
• Serve accordingly.

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