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Now you might be taking your belly out and be saying,” Man, I have grown fat and ugly”. Well, don’t be surprised because everybody out here is having the same problem. Our festival has gone which means holidays are over, and foods are no longer on your service for 24×7. You don’t have to sit in your room for the whole day and hope that nobody will see. Now they will. You only have two options – either hit the gym or control your diet plan. I am not a doctor to be giving you a diet plan because that will need a whole record of what you eat all day but I am here to help you to maintain the little part of what you eat.


snacks breakfast foods for losing stomach belly fat

Make sure you avoid intake of meat now and be a vegetarian. It will feel good. I have come up with few recipes which are low in fat and high on taste and obviously it won’t make you feel like an inflated balloon. These are simple steps which can be made at home. Feel free to comment on what you think about the recipes and yes enjoy.

16 Healthy Snacks Recipes Ideas for Losing Stomach Belly Fat

1. Quinoa salad Recipes



 quinoa
 water
 Lettuce chopped.
 cucumber
 tomato diced
 orange peeled
 feta cheese or any cheese available at your stores


 vinegar
 lemon juice
 olive oil
 sugar
 salt
 black pepper
 mustard powder
 ginger juice

Method to cook Quinoa salad step by step

• Add all the dressing requirements together and mix it well.
• Make sure sugar is properly dissolved here because the granules will later give out bad taste.
• Set aside for an hour.
• To make ginger juice cut the ginger and squeeze the juice or use a blender.
• Bring quinoa and water to a boil and strain the water. Set aside to cool.
• In a bowl add all the lettuce, quinoa and cucumber, tomatoes, and orange.
• Add cheese at the end for garnishing.
• Serve

2. No egg Omelet:



 gram flour
 salt
 cumin seeds
 black pepper
 green chili
 tomato seeded
 chopped spinach
 bell pepper
 oil

Method for No egg Omelet recipes step by step

• Mix all the cumin seeds, black pepper, and salt.
• Add the water slowly to make a smooth batter. Don’t add all at once because it will be running.
• Add the green chilies, tomato, spinach, and bell pepper.
• Pour batter and spread evenly with the help of spatula or spoon.
• When the batter starts to dry, put oil over it.
• Press the omelet to spread it.
• Repeat for the remaining omelet.
• Serve


3. Green peas recipes



 green peas
 oil
 cumin seeds
 ginger
 green chili chopped
 salt
 black pepper
 coriander chopped
 lemon juice

Method to cook Green peas step by step

• Heat the oil in a pan.
• Add some cumin seeds after the oil is heated up and along with green chili and ginger, stir and add green peas and salt properly.
• Cook for 5 minutes by stirring time to time.
• Add black pepper and coriander till it mixes well.
• Squeeze the lemon juice and put that aside from the flame.
• Eat and enjoy.

4. Spicy peanuts recipes



 raw peanuts
 salt
 turmeric
 tomatoes
 cucumber
 ginger
 green chili
 cumin seed powder
 red chili powder
 black pepper
 sugar
 mango powder
 lemon juice

Method to cook Spicy peanuts step by step

• In a pan add peanuts with turmeric mixed with water and salt.
• Cook for 25 minutes until peanuts are soft.
• Strain the water and let it cool.
• Mix ginger, chili,salt, cumin seed powder, red chili powder, black pepper, sugar, and mango powder and lemon juice all together in a bowl.
• Mix the peanuts with tomatoes and cucumbers.
• Add the spices mix and toss. The spices can be of your choice also.
• Spicy Peanuts are ready to be served.

5. Veggie pasta salad recipes


• pasta
• bell pepper
• tomatoes cut
• oil
• salt


• olive oil
• vinegar
• lemon juice
• ginger
• salt
• sugar
• black pepper

Method to Veggie pasta salad step by step

• Cook pasta as directed on the package that is put it in a boiling water along with oil.
• Strain the water and set aside.
• Now mix all the dressing ingredients which are oil, vinegar, and seasonings in small glass bowl and whisk until well mixed and keep that aside.
• Add the oil in a pan. Add the bell peppers and lightly sprinkle the salt.
• Grill the vegetable until they are brown in color which might take 4-5 minutes.
• Add the tomatoes. Take care of them because the tomatoes should not be soft.
• Toss the pasta with vegetables.
• Add the dressing and toss the salad making sure all the vegetables and pasta are coated properly and evenly.
• Set aside for 10 minutes.
• Serve accordingly.

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