29 Healthy Snacks Ideas for Your Toddlers and Kids to Retain Good Health and Weight

One has to admit- toddlers are fickle. They won’t settle in one place for large meals and while definitely chose to play than sitting silently! With the intervention of healthy snacks into the usual eating habits, a mother doesn’t have to be worried about her child not getting all the nutrients. This extra fuel in form of snacking will help the kids grow stronger and healthy.


The snacks we are referring to is certainly not the store bought kind! Loaded with fiber, nutrients and of course the much-needed deliciousness, these snacks can be home made. Also, it has been seen that snacks help to lessen overeating in between your kid’s meals. Scientifically proven vegetables, fruits along with cheese are much better choice than the store bought potato chips.

Since they have smaller tummies, they tend to get hungry soon after meals. In between meals, there are chances that hunger and the decrease in glucose level in a toddler can generate a negative impact on the toddler’s mood.

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Thus healthy snacks do have a vital role and are good for your toddler. Picky eaters are difficult to manage but surely, with some of these snack ideas you can get them to eat and provide them with adequate nutrition. Another concern of mothers is gone as these snacks don’t interfere with the meals and help them to retain a good health and weight.

After digging through sites and thinking nutritiously, we have collected some recipes that are easy to make and extremely nutritious. Not just the taste, also the presentation of the food matters!

29 Healthy Snacks Ideas for Your Toddlers and Kids to Retain Good Health and Weight

1. Whole grain cereal


As the name suggests, there won’t be any compromise with the nutrients here. Vitamins, fiber, calcium, proteins etc along with mouthwatering taste is the best way for your kids to start their day. Cereal and milk are known to be the traditional form of breakfast. How to make it special? Mix the cereal with some flavored yogurt and decorate them with dry strawberries and nuts in a muffin mold!

2. The fairytale kebabs


Kids love cheese. Cheese sandwich, pizza, burgers are some food items where the answer is always yes. But how to make cheese healthier than this? Well here is an idea. This protein packed snack can be cut into various shapes and designs along with your kid’s favorite fruits. Sew them together in salt-free pretzel stick and there go your healthy fairytale kebabs.

3. Colorful, flavorful smoothies


Not just eating, kids need something to drink along with their meals and snacks. It has been seen that kids totally love yummy. The combinations are infinite. Low-fat yogurt, orange juice, freshly cut fruits or even frozen ones serve the purpose. This is one of the best ways to slip a fruit or two into your kid’s meals! Here are some possible smoothie suggestions.

1. A Mango banana smoothie is the coolest option of hot summers.
2. Creamy peach smoothie with raspberries, custard along with some 100% orange juice.
3. The nutty smoothie having apples, almonds, hazelnut etc.


4. Fruity tower


it can be a pear or apple or maybe both. Your choice. Thinly slice the apple and spread some almond or peanut butter over the slices. Then stack the slices to form towers. Even better, ask your kid to stack them with you. A fun mother-child time along with nutritious food goals achieved!

5. The pita pizza


Grab some whole grain pitas, chop you kid’s favorite veggies, spread some sauce and sprinkle their favorite cheese! Topping can be anything bell peppers, tomatoes, even fruits such as pineapple etc. Bake the pizza and serve! Who said pizza can’t be healthy?

6. Spiced popcorn

Popcorn pictures

Kids love popcorn and it is a good snack for kids. It is even simpler to make. Pour some regular popcorn into a bowl along with some syrup and cinnamon powder. Toss it well and your kids will love to savor the delicious taste of the unusual popcorn.

7. From the oven- some baked delights


Only you would know what is in there. Children sometimes make faces when it comes to fruits and green veggies. With your baking skills, you can make some of these things your kid’s favorite. Banana bread, carrot bar, apple muffins etc. Go experimenting and tasting. The nutrients will keep your kid healthy and your kid’s health will retain your smile.

8. Spiced apple crisps


Slice some juicy apples into thin strips; mix them with oats, brown sugar, and cinnamon powder. Bake these till crisp and serve with low-fat flavored yogurt as a dip. Your kid will certainly love the delicious combo of apple and yogurt.

9. The frozen ideas


Popsicles are one of the favorites of the kids. Rather than buying the popsicles from the store, here is what you can do. Take some vanilla yogurt, whip it up with some berries like raspberry or blueberry and add some granola. Put this parfait mixture into some Popsicle mold and freeze it. Children will certainly love this new avatar of yogurt and fruits!

10. Peanut butter

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Rumors have it that peanut butter it not healthy but it certainly is. This absolute childhood favorite ahs many memories attached to it. But with the change in times, along with PB&J, peanut butter has found multiple uses. Peanut butter cheesecake, peanut butter waffles along with berry and yogurt, smoothies etc., experiment all you want with Peanut butter. Even peanut butter popsicles are fun!!

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