Healthcare for Women : 6 Healthy Ideas on How Do Woman Takes Care of Herself

Women these days, are not less than the men in society. They are playing the equal role as men do. As a matter of fact, they are playing multiple roles in society. They are not only the homemakers, housewives, working women but they also give birth to babies to make a family. They focus on each and every person of a family but when it comes to taking care of their own health, they just neglect it and do not get enough time for own selves. Here are some must do things that women need to consider. Because if she would not be healthy, how can she brought up her family? Therefore, we present you some things to ensure healthcare for women.


Healthcare for Women : Healthy Ideas on How Do Woman Takes Care of Herself

1. Regular visits to Gynecologists

Ladies need to visit the gynecologists after every six months for their checkup. Breast cancer and polycystic ovarian syndrome are the most common female medical issues since few years and about one out of eight women are victim of this monster. It a matter of attention to make yourself free of all mental and feminine diseases. Thus, it is recommended to all ladies to have their checkup regularly from their gynecologist especially ladies above 30 should necessarily get their mammogram done every year because it is the only authentic way to know about breast cancer issue (if there is any).

Moreover, it is necessary to have your blood and urine tests to know about any other physical complications. Never feel shame to tell about the complications and improper timings of your monthly periods until it is too late.


2. Oral Health

Intake of proper and healthy diets, supplements and regular exercises are something, every female need to do. Own a lifestyle that helps to you achieve overall good health of you and your family. And most importantly, try to maintain good hygiene. It is necessary to wash your hands before and after every meal. Always gargle, brush and floss your teeth properly after every meal to ensure your oral health. Remember, a smile is the best makeup a lady can have. So smile more and spread happiness. These all tips are necessary to make sure health care for women and their overall personality.



3. Bones Care

Osteoporosis in women:

Females suffer more from bone disorders like osteoarthritis and osteoporosis as compared to men because of monthly calcium discharge by menstrual bleeding.Osteoporosis can also occur in childhood and adolescence i.e. during the peak time of your bone building. Females reach their peak of bone mass nearly at age of 18 while males have their peak time of bone mass building at age of 20. After that, building capacity of bone mass is reduced both in men and women. And till the age 30, bones stop absorbing the calcium from the blood and the daily calcium intake is then utilized in daily life activities.


Estrogen and Osteoporosis:

Estrogen also takes part in calcium absorption and plays a major role in keeping bones strong and healthy. But when women go through the menopause phase, they experience a decrease in estrogen level. Consequently, osteoporosis, loss in bones mass and joints pain starts. As a result, women are more expected to develop osteoporosis as compared to men.

Osteoporosis Treatment:

It is estimated by the International Osteoporosis Foundation that about 200 million women worldwide are affected by the osteoporosis. Thus, they need to take daily at least 1 cup of milk to abstain from these monster issues and to promote worldwide women health care.The addition of parmesan cheese in their diet is recommended for females to cope up with their low calcium and bone issues. Cheddar or Swiss cheese consists of 200 mg of calcium per ounce while one ounce of parmesan cheese consists of 340 mg of calcium and which is exceptional to complete your quota of 1000 mg/day.

Moreover, females also need to take calcium supplements regularly in order to avoid bone problems in older age. Remember, it is useless to cry over spilled milk so it is always recommended to take special care of your bones and joints by different medicines and therapies. Different exercises and postures are suggested by doctors to women in order to keep their joints freely moving and friction-less.


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