100 Points You Can Look Through for Raising Rejuvenation and Vitality

61. Replaced at least part of your cow’s milk intake with soy milk.


62. Avoid extreme diets because this will only give you negative effect on the body and the mind.

63. Fiber reduces blood pressure, cholesterol and heart disease.

64. Don’t eat a big breakfast because this causes fatigue and toxin.

65. Grains promote the age reversal by virtue of their high nutrition content.

66. Grains are also important source of minerals, especially of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and zinc.

67. Oats have the healing properties and are enough strengthener and reduce cholesterol levels.

68. High protein diet reduce vitamin b deficiency.

69. A high protein diet is a common cause of heart disease and stroke, since much of a dietary protein comes from meat with its high fat content.

70. Eat only lean red meats and cut off any visible fat, cook the meat on a suspended Rack in your oven so that the fat will drop.

71. Buy free range poultry which are not fed chemicals and have more rooms to move around

72. Olive oil is the king of oils because it is important factor in Age reversal and promotion of Health


73. Butter drawback is that it contains mostly saturated fat.

74. A 70% raw food diet reverses aging which makes you Slimmer and improves brain function.

75. The saturated fats are the animal fats such as those in meat, eggs, dairy products and highly processed oil the bad fats.

76. The unsaturated fats the vegetable oils and cold water fish oil are good fats.

77. Cow’s milk is highly mucus forming in humans which acts as a toxin and becomes an ideal medium for pathogens such as bacteria.

78. Yogurt has been one of the principles food which helps the bacteria break down the sugar and protein making it easier to digest.

79. Eggs Are nutritious and are rich in proteins, vitamins and mineral, in particular vitamin B, Iron and amino acid.

80. Eggs are rich in lecithin which feeds the brain, nervous system, and glands all of which are centers of rejuvenation.


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