100 Points You Can Look Through for Raising Rejuvenation and Vitality

41. Natural function of the body is sleep.


42. Getting deep sleep will restore and heal the body by eliminating toxins, tissue rebuilding, replenishing of


43. Fish is very nutritious with high vitamin content and also a high essential mineral content.

44. The evening meal must be light because a heavy meal require a lot of energy to digest leading to energy being used on digestion instead of being used for vitality and rejuvenation.

45. Emphasize vegetables in the evening meal.

46. Sugar is a sleep inhibiting food which tends to excite the nervous system.

47. Coffee should be avoided in the evening because it contains caffeine which is nerve stimulant which reduces the depth of sleep.

48. Tea and cola drinks contains caffeine. It is a strong drug and can be detected in the blood 24 hours after a drink.

healthy addiction tea taste women is drinking tea

women is drinking tea

49. Alcohol especially in excess guaranteed to give you a bad night’s sleep.


50. Don’t drink too much fluid in the evening because it will disturb your sleep to relieve the bladder.

51. The best quality sleep is that taken between the hours of Sunset and midnight.

52. The bed and the bedroom should have windows open so that the brain can operate better when it has a fresh oxygen supply

53. A firm bed gives a better night’s sleep.

54. Hot bath before sleep will relax the muscle and the mind.

55. Putting bath salts in the water me make the Bath more pleasant.

56. Sleeping pills should be avoided as far as possible.

57. The Secret of optimizing nutrition is eating slowly, emphasizing on raw foods, having a balanced diet and limiting fat and sugar intake.

58. Processed food can destroy a hundred percent of the enzymes which is the life force of food and involves more than 3,000 chemicals.

59. Fruit contain the purest water and loaded with health promoting minerals.

60. Milk is in fact a highly processed food which should be used in moderation.


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