100 Points You Can Look Through for Raising Rejuvenation and Vitality

21. Spread your food intake over several small meals rather than two or three big meals at one time.


22. Aerobic exercise has been scientifically shown to reduce appetite.

23. Research shows that exercise by the middle aged and elderly can’t turn back the clock by 10 to 25 years.

24. Studies show that frequent mental stimulation can reverse brain aging.

25. A person who smokes two packets of cigarette a day has 70% more chances of dying of disease.

26. Yoga headstand will increase the blood supply to the scalp, hence promoting hair growth.

27. For a slim firm stomach, have good nutrition, specially reduced fat and sugar

28. For natural facelift, yoga headstand is beneficial.

29. Healthy hair is a largely the result of a healthy body.


woman brushing hair

30. Aerobic exercise is essential for in the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the body


31. You need to exercise at 80% of your maximum heart rate.

32. Increase your Fitness gradually, start off very easily the first month so that your body adapts to the exercise.

33. Drink water before you exercise.

34. Don’t rely on thirst to warn you of dehydration

35. Don’t over exercise because pushing yourself too hard or exceeding 80% of your maximum heart rate will affect your body.

36. Cool down after exercise by slowing down whatever you are doing for a few minutes.

37. It is important after jogging to walk for a few minutes because jogging causes blood to accumulate in the leg and walking assist the body to return the blood to the rest of the body.

38. The average adult requires between 7 to 9 hours sleep.

39. Children need more sleep since they need extra energy for growth.

40. Oversleeping is almost bad as under sleeping causing physical and mental sluggishness along with the reduced vitality and even depression.


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