100 Points You Can Look Through for Raising Rejuvenation and Vitality



The things you are going to know culver all the most effective for Rejuvenation technique, incorporating ancient yoga methods with the latest scientific discoveries. The aim is to achieve the maximum age reversal for the minimum time and afford expenditure. The techniques represent an excellent time investment, since you will not only become younger but also live longer and dramatically increase your Vitality level. We all want to look and feel younger, don’t we? But what most of us don’t realize is that the knowledge is now available for us to achieve it.

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There is every reason you should want to become younger, apart from the vanity consideration. Our self-image and confidence improve when we look and feel younger especially when our friend comment on this. Looking and feeling younger also give us scope in jobs. Looking and feeling younger has many benefits. It gives more energy and few aches and pains.

So here are the hundred points you can look through for raising Rejuvenation and vitality.


1. The rate of Aging is determined by our lifestyle.

2. Unlike other cells brain cells cannot be replaced when they die.

3. Free radicals are a major cause of Aging. They can be prevented or neutralized by certain vitamin.

4. The two major causes of facial skin aging are the sun and the lack of vitamin C.

5. Retin-A cream should be applied before going to bed and after washing your face.

6. Protect the new, younger, sensitive skin by avoiding direct sun light.

7. Conversion of muscle to fat, loss of skin elasticity resultant wrinkles.

8. There is loss of 10 – 20% if the Skins pigment cells every 10 years.

9. You lose 50% of your immune cells which protects your skin from cancer.

10. You can boost your immune system to help reverse aging by getting the correct vitamins.

11. Vitamin A strengthens the immune system and helps the body to fight cancer.

12. Vitamin C is the most important immune-boosting vitamins.

13. Vitamin E like vitamin C is an important immune-boosting vitamins which protects against infection and cancer.

14. Selenium and zinc are the most important minerals for strengthening the immune system.

15. Excess dietary fat, especially saturated fat, clogs the arteries in the brain.

16. If you lower saturated fat level in your diet sufficiently, the body will eventually flush out the fat.

17. Lecithin can improve both intelligence and memory.

18. Zinc is essential for normal brain function.

19. Reduce sugar and fat intake which is the main factor in premature aging due to excess calories.

20. Eat slowly because it leads to more efficient digestion, improve nourishment and hence it reduced appetite.


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