17 FAQ Frequently Asked Questions About Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a unique and completely unusual experience especially for the mothers who are expecting their first child. After having this blessing of pregnancy, some of the women really get worried due to the extreme hormonal changes and strange and weird things that happen with their body. There are numerous common pregnancy questions that pregnant ladies frequently ask, after conceiving their first baby. Some of these common pregnancy questions are as follow.


17 FAQ Frequently Asked Questions About Pregnancy

1. What are initial signs of pregnancy?

To know, either you are pregnant or not is the main question. Ladies normally go for a pregnancy test. But there are some general symptoms that can predict about your pregnancy like nausea, fatigue, frequent urination, breast swelling and tenderness, morning sickness, disliking your most favorite foods and last but not the least missed periods, even if you have regular menstruation.


2. How can you calculate the delivery time of baby?

Only your doctor can tell you the exact date of arrival of your baby. But yes, there are some parameters by which you can have a rough estimate of the delivery time. 280 days after last menstruation period, average pregnancy lasts or the 266 days after last ovulation cycle is the more precise parameter to know about delivery time. Keep in mind that these are the rough estimations of your common pregnancy questions. For accurate knowledge about your pregnancy and baby conditions, you need to visit your doctor regularly.



3. Is it appropriate to have physical relation during pregnancy?

This is also one of a common pregnancy question that couples ask. To have sex during pregnancy is perfectly fine. But there are some exceptions during which doctors suggest pregnant ladies avoid six (physical relation) especially when expecting mothers are having risks of premature labor, have vaginal bleeding or having placenta previa i.e. placenta is too close to the cervix. However, in normal or healthy conditions, uterus, amniotic sac and mucus plug in the cervix, all of these shield baby from a miscarriage.


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