List of Foods to Eat and Not to Eat While Pregnant – A Healthy Food Guide for Pregnancy Women

Being a mother is a special feeling isn’t it while you get to know, you are soon going to be a mother, you feel excited and at the same time get conscious about what to eat and what not to. You have to take good care of yourself and the ay inside you. As what you eat directly reflects your ay as well. During pregnancy period, your body suffers a lot and should be able to bear different changes. So, you better be alert before it comes all of a sudden.


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Here are different kinds of food that you need to ignore while you are going to enjoy your motherhood. If you do so, you and your baby will be healthy and in the time of delivery, you don’t have to suffer. Therefore, check out the food items that may help you in this time being and some you definitely need to ignore.

Food items women need to avoid and must eat during Pregnancy:

List of 19 Foods Not to Eat While Pregnant

1. Stop drinking alcohol

Alcohol is ever safe. Still, in the time of pregnancy alcohol need to be stopped. As it’s not good for the any of you and if you still have it you and your baby will be in a big trouble. You will have to face complications so, it’s better to take care of yourself as much as you can.

2. Don’t eat street food

We all go crazy when we see street food. When you are soon going to be a mother, you need to eat healthy food and avoid such food. Street food is oily ad we don’t even know how they are cooked. That’s why, before you go for such food items, at least think of your at least for once.

3. Ignore raw meat

While you are pregnant, raw meat is not safe for your health. The raw meat is full of listeria bacteria which is not good for you in this period. If you eat raw meat, you then have to go through stomach ache and may another disease that can create problems for your baby too.


4. Avoid raw eggs

Although, you love having raw eggs but, you need to stop it at least for nine moths. Instead, you can eat boiled eggs; they are absolutely safe for you. Having raw eggs can bring my health problems in your way. At the same time, the homemade desserts like chocolate mousse, cakes, mayonnaise, etc should be out of your house.

5. No to Canned foods

We don’t know, for how much time the canned food or drink is stored in the store. So, how can one have it in the time where one is so going to give birth to a baby? They contain dangerous acid that can affect mother as well as the baby. All I all, ignoring such items can keep you away from many health problems.

6. Forget about Cheese

Soft cheese can be harmful to your health. During this time, it may attack your stomach badly and you will have to suffer from several diseases. Having the excessive amount of soft cheese can lead you towards miscarriage or can even create damage in your cells. So, be careful while you go with such food item containing cheese in it.

7. Liver

While you know the fact that you are going to e a mother, ever ignore your health. Now, it’s not only you but your baby who will bear the problems Always remember, liver or its product can damage you and your baby. It contains the excess amount of Vitamin A and which is not good for women’s womb.

8. Lessen Caffeine

If you have caffeine on a daily basis, you can even lose your baby. Do you want to do that? If not then, try to have it once a week or like that. It is said that, if your body has a large amount of caffeine the, your ay will be delivered with low weight. Thus, you need to think about yourself and your baby before you pick anything to eat.

9. Fish

Fishes which are oily should be avoided for the time being. They can be injurious to your health as well. Mainly the fish like shark, should e completely stopped during the time of pregnancy. If you don’t keep yourself away then you will be seen in a hospital. Before that, take care of yourself.

10. Unpasteurized Milk

Unpasteurized milk can be a poison at the time of pregnancy. Avoid drinking raw milk, as it can damage your baby inside you. At the same time, stop having raw or rotten food as within these ingredients lays varieties of bacteria which take you to a big trouble.

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