Top 10+1 Eating Healthy Tips and Tricks to Stay Healthy and Fit

It is very necessary for every individual to take healthy food as it is the basic requirement of our body. Our body is busy in performing different activities the whole day; some activities are really harder to perform so the body needs proper nutrients to perform such difficult tasks. Our body acts as a machine and food works as fuel for it. It is essential for people of every age group to know about eating healthy tips in order to get familiar with the requirements of the body. This article has been compiled to discuss some eating tips that will help to stay healthy.


Top 11 Eating Healthy Tips and Tricks to Stay Healthy and Fit

1. Eat variety food

Our body needs about 40 essential nutrients and it is obvious that such nutrients cannot be provided by a single type of food. It is therefore suggested to eat a different variety of food in order to get all the required minerals essential for healthy body. Nowadays food supply enriched in nutrients is easy to approach; one can easily get such food from the market. Make sure that you take balanced diet regularly. If you take high-fat food in lunch, try to take low-fat food for dinner in this way excessive fats will not accumulate in your body.

2. Cut down unnecessary sugar

It is one of the most noteworthy eating healthy tips to cut back the sugar that is needless.The biggest problem of canned or packet food is the added sugar in it. It not also increases the weight but also causes immediate energy spikes and its long-term use can result in depression, diabetes and even an increase in suicidal behavior especially in youngsters. Your body already fulfills its need of sugar from natural eatables so the hidden sugar that you take from the packet food is just extra.

  • If you want to cut back your daily sugar intake, then keep decreasing its amount slowly to give time to your taste buds to wean yourself off the craving.
  • Try to take simple water instead of sweetened beverages and if you are addicted to these drinks then add some lemon and bit honey in water as it serves as best detoxifying and weight reducing drink.
  • Never substitute the saturated fat by sugar.
  • Always check labels to choose low sugar products.

Many people normally replace the healthy saturated fat sources like whole milk dairy by sugary foods or refined carbs, thinking the way that they are making a smarter choice. Low fat does not always mean healthy especially when fat is being replaced by sugar for taste.

3. Take fruits and vegetables

People do not take it serious to add fruits in their diet because they are unaware of the fact that fruits contain most of the protective nutrients needed by our body. It is a must to take at least 4 or 5 servings of fruits daily. A 150ml glass of unsweetened pure and fresh fruit juice or smoothie is counted as one portion and likewise, vegetables that you eat into some dishes also count. You can swap your breakfast cereal by a chopped banana. Likewise, mid-morning breakfast or an evening snack can be replaced by a piece of fresh fruit.


It may not seem interesting to eat fruits in the beginning but you can try different recipes to make it more like a snack. It takes less than 30 seconds for a kid to decide from all dishes on the table that which he should eat so try to make food eye-catching, especially for kids. You can mix different fruits and make mixed fruit meals too by cutting them into cubes and then adding toothpicks to them. Believe us, they are more fun to eat. Moreover, make the habit of feeding fruits to your children before birth. Before birth? Yes, you read it right. During pregnancy, whatever a woman eats, develops the taste buds of babies likewise. Therefore, expecting ladies should eat and speak well as it casts an effect on the whole life of your child.

4. Do not skip meals

Eating healthy tips not only include taking healthy food but also to maintain it for a long time. Therefore, it is suggested that when you start a healthy diet do not miss any of the food instead make small portions of every food in this way, you will be profited with all kinds of eatables necessary for a healthy body. Ready-made meals are easier to manage as they save your cooking time and also they are labeled with calories count which will help you keep balance in taking calories per day. Normally, the kids who skip breakfast have poor nutrition and they become deficient in calcium, dietary fiber, iron and vitamins such as riboflavin and niacin.

Some schools have even introduced breakfast programs in school because of the bad habit of breakfast skipping that children have. It has been seen that children who have the habit of taking breakfast are far better performers in school. Likewise, adults who take breakfast daily have a healthy body weight and are more productive at work.

5. Be careful in salt intake

Adults should not eat more than 6 g per day and children should use even lesser amount. High salt intake increases the risk of high blood pressure which increases the chances of heart disease or stroke.Most of the salt that we intake, comes from processed foods instead of salt that we add during cooking. Thus, it is recommended to always check the food labels to know the total salt content.

For balanced salt intake, you should know the difference between high salt intake and low salt intake.A high salt content is actually more than 1.5g salt per 100g which is equal to 0.6g sodium while the low salt content is 0.3g salt or less per 100g and that is equal to 0.1g sodium. Try to use natural spices, herbs, mustard/vinegar and citrus juices like lemon or lime to add flavor instead of adding lot of salt in your foods.


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