16 Easy and Quick Recipes Which Can Be Made Easily at Home for Your Family

You have been alone, and there is nothing to eat. Also, you are too bored of eating the same food again and again. You have got tons of ingredients at home but you are not sure of making anything. In the verse of such chaos, here are the 16 Quick Recipes which can be made easily at home and these won’t bore you at all. So go ahead and try the recipes and energize your boring day. Share the easy recipes with friends and family and be the master chef of your house. Feel free to leave a comment and tell us your feedback, we will be happy to bring creativity and innovation to your daily life.


16 Quick Recipes which can be made easily at home

1. Paneer Curry :


REQUIREMENTS to cook Paneer Curry :

• Paneer
• oil
• Tomatoes
• Onions
• Garlic paste
• Ginger paste
• Turmeric powder
• Salt
• Garam masala
• Chili flakes or powder

Procedure or methods for cooking paneer curry:

• Start by chopping up the paneer in cubes and cut tomatoes and onions in fine pieces.
• Take a pan and heat it for 5 minutes and put oil on it.
• When the oil is heated, put the chopped paneer pieces onto the pan and fry it.
• Make sure the paneer does not get too fried or else it will get hard.
• After taking the paneer output some oil onto the same pan.
• Carefully add onions and tomatoes and let it cook.
• Add turmeric powder, chili flakes, salt, and garam masala along with garlic and ginger paste.
• After 5minutes of cooking put the fried paneer on the mixture.
• Cover the pan for 5minutes until all the flavors get into the paneer.
• Garnish with corianders.


2. International rice


Requirements for cooking rice:

• Long grain rice
• Oil
• Chopped tomatoes
• Cumin seeds
• Salt
• Corianders
• Capsicum
• Lemon juice

Procedures or methods for cooking rice:

• Wash the long grain rice and drain the water.
• Heat the oil in a pan. After it has heated up add the rice and stir.
• Add all the vegetables and stir continuously.
• Add cumin powder, salt, tomato until they are cooked
• Add water and let it boil. Cover the pan and let it cook for 10 minutes and uncover after.
• Add lemon juice to the rice.
• Garnish with coriander.

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