19 Different Dance Style That Gives You Healthy Body and Add Fun to Your Boring Life…

If you desire to make yourself fit and healthy, a workout is a must. You need to workout at least for half an hour a day. Nowadays, we see youngsters joining gym ad maintaining the so-called body. One thing they don’t understand is, at a gym, they can strengthen their body but what about the excitement their body needs? Therefore, they need to go for something that provides them the pleasure at the same time makes them fit and fine. For that, don’t you think Dance is what they need to go with?


In recent days, have you analyzed that dance has become the passion for today’s generation? As dance not only makes you healthy but excites you and your body as a whole. You can get numerous dance forms that will add spice to your daily routine and gives you a fit body as well. So, check out the dance forms as they may help you out in some way or the other. Try to do something unique that strengthen you and encourage you to the last bit of your life. So, get started ad choose your dance style as soon as possible.

19 Different Dance Style That Gives You Healthy Body and Add Fun to Your Boring Life…

1. Go with Salsa Dance


You might have already known about Salsa, it is a Latin dance style. This dance style is rare and adored by many youngsters. The way this style appears is so cute and classy that anybody can get fascinated towards it. From small age boys’ and girls’ to adults, anybody can do Salsa. You know what, when you pick this style as your dance form you can easily reduce the size of your thighs. Doing it on a regular basis, you can keep yourself fit. At the same time, if you find yourself nervous or with low confidence then this style can boost your stamina and add confidence in you.

2. Try Ballet Dance


As an audience, we feel like as if ballet is so easy. It can be done without any time being. But in reality, when you go for this form it’s really tough to handle. While doing this style, all you need is calmness and the dedication. You need to add your expressions in order to complete your each and every move. Doesn’t matter, if you are a girl or boy, you can opt for this style. It’s a fab dance form and can be taken as a good form of exercise too.

3. Experience Swing Dance


Many of you may hear the name of this dance form for the first time. As this form is not that popular. And you know what; this dance style is quite simple and easy to roll your feet on. This style is all about hopping, if you know how to do it then you don’t need anything else. If you choose this style as your dance form, you can easily lose your weight. Along with that, you can easily add flavors to your life with fun and laughter. So are you ready to dazzle in this form of dance style?

4. Want to try Tap Dancing


This dance form, tap dancing not only let you enjoy but lessen your weight as well. Through this style, you ca learn how to make different postures ad strengthen you. Along with that, it will help you to make your stomach flat and your body flexible. Not only that, you can reduce your calories with this dance style. Thus, it’s up to you which style you pick.

5. Pole Dancing


Picking pole dancing as a dance form is really tough. You need to work very hard in order to learn each and every move and give your 100%. When you learn the form y heart the, no one can stop you for sure. Having this your dancing style, you can make your body like elastic. With that, you can lose calories and have a healthy body. So, are you looking forward to this dance form?

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6. Moshing


Moshing is a dance form, people rarely know about. This style is something new for everyone and kind of different than others forms. Always remember, more than postures and moves this style needs the energy and stamina. Through which, you can lose many calories. Exercising with such a dance form, you will get slimmer and can get a perfect shape. Therefore, start gearing up for this dance style.

7. Nia


This dance style is old but is not famous as other forms. Things have changed now, people tend to choose different and innovative dance styles for themselves. Out of them, one is Nia. This dance style is the fusion of yoga, martial arts and other movements of dance in one go. So, this combination will make not only energize your body but will add stamina inside you. During the rehearsal, you will have lots of fun and will make yourself fit as well.

8. Energetic Masala Bhangra

bhangra dance pictures

Nobody can ever think, Masala Bhangra as a dance form which you can energize your body. But let me tell you, this dance style named Bhangra you can lose your weight in no time. At the same time, you can refresh your mind and add excitement to your usual life. In each and every step, you will get a new joy which will mesmerize your life as well. If you pick this dance style in a form of exercise, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Taking it as a challenge, you ca prove others wrong. So, burn the dance floor.

9. Freestyle dancing


If you want to dance or flow like a bird, you can go with freestyle dance. In this dance style, you don’t even need any give steps or moves; you can make your step by yourself and move your body in the tune. Doing it on a regular basis, you can burn as many calories as you desire for. You don’t need to stress at all. Instead, be free while you choose a dance style like this one. Therefore, keep yourself healthy ad stay fit in any dance style you go with.

10. Kathak dance


This dance form especially strengthens your body muscles with its unique postures and each step. If you go with this dance style then, you will learn to have control in your body. Doing this on your free time, you will able to focus on the things that are important to you. While you go with the single move, you will realize how it is effective for your body. As it helps you to boost your stamina and to make your body flexible. All in all, you will surely enjoy the movements and the grace it provides you.

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