10 Career Killers to Avoid at All Cost For Your Professional Life

[ Career killers to avoid ] Let me get it started by remembering the old times of us. Yes us, everybody has been here and if you have not, I hope you don’t be there. Don’t get me wrong I am talking about bad times where our luck sucked a lot. My story was quite similar to the bad luck phases. I used to study a lot and I knew all the answers, I even wrote them well but my result did not come out as I expected. It was not once or twice, it happened to me for 4 times. Then, I thought it was just me who couldn’t do anything well. I found myself depressed and did not see where I was going. I often spoke phrases that turned my mood down and I wondered why I even speak like this. The phrases I used were career killers to me because I saw no hope at all.


When hopes and belief turn back on you, there is nothing you can do. But luckily I had friends who consoled me and I picked myself up. I tried a lot and finally the result came out as I expected it to be. Lucky eh? Well many of us should not use the phrases that will be listed because that can be interpreted differently and you might be the bad one. The phrases, spoken words does not kill you physically but it drains you emotionally. When you say things that are interpreted as bad, you will ruin your career and the job you have. So be careful when using such words to avoid downfall. And when you are in such phases of downfall, do not use the following phrases:

10 Career Killers to Avoid at All Cost For Your Professional Life

1. That is not fair at all:

A big laugh to all those people who actually thought life was easy. Of course, it is not and it will never be. Why would it be simple anyways? That would not be fun. We really don’t wish it to be easy because that is beyond reality. If someone uses such phrases in front of me I would just judge them because who says this kind of things? It is beyond reality- the wish you want to live to be perfect is a naïve and dumb thing to hear. If you cry out yelling that life has always been unfair to you, that might be correct but who are you actually blaming? It is important for every one of us to be realistic and grown up. It is time to be constructive and stay focused. Yes, you will be upset for something you did not get but you got to talk about it to the concerned person and work on it.


2. This is how it really works:

Yes go on and say, “hey people, that is how it really works.” And trust me if you don’t get kicked out of your place, it is time to think that the people who are around you are as stupid as you are. If you really want to do something for this world and mainly for yourself, you have to try in to bring as many changes there is. Working on something for months and still be not bringing a little change and doing what others were doing before you is so outdated. Saying that this is how it works means that you are immature and you still have not grown up to accept the changes and be the change for the society yourself. Guys, life won’t be easy and won’t certainly follow the same schedule you have been doing all the time, there will be a phase when you got to do something new. That is the time when you can’t really say “this is how it really works” and leave it like that. Trying is the only key to succeed everywhere. You don’t want people to think you are lazy enough to not carry out works and initiate something. That would be a bad example for everybody.



3. I have a really stupid question:

No, the question is not stupid, you are! I mean, to be honest, how many of us think that a question is stupid? If you want to kill your child career, say bye bye because you already are. In a business world, let’s say and other places you go if don’t have the audacity to ask a question with confidence and skip it by saying that it was a stupid question, you my friend don’t belong to the out world. Stay in the home and make some food. Maybe you don’t want to sound stupid but if you try to act cool and use such phrases, then simply don’t. Try to be confident and do not try to be your own critics.


4. That person is so incompetent:

Why be a critic when you are not perfect to do that job? Let me get this straight away to you all who are judgmental without knowing anybody well. If you go out and start announcing that he is a lazy man or she is not good at all, it does not mean you are correct. It means that you are insecure about them and maybe that’s why they often come to your mind due to which you have extremely free time to notice and talk about them. The equation is simple here, if you don’t have the authority to improve or fire them from the place, what’s the point in announcing them as they are. Why can’t some humans be left alone in their own habitat? Be a mature colleague and leave them as they are and change you first. Try to improve yourself and then get to a position where you can tell people that what they are doing is wrong. Make sure you correct them as they make mistake because I think that is how people learn gradually.


5. It is not my fault

The blame game is a bad game. Most of the people end up using this phrase as an excuse for something they have done. When you go out to a corporate world, you need to grow up with the time. You are too going to be that kid so that you can blame around and skip the scene. When you take responsibility, you work accordingly and you should make sure that the job assigned is carefully done. And if the job is not done, you have to report it to the senior and accept the failure for once. When you do this, the people will have trust in you for once and they will believe that you will do the job next time but you keep blaming people the very first time, you won’t be trusted again. You will just lack the accountability. A negative impression is created and people won’t be willing to work with you. What is worse than not having anybody support you? Blaming people will affect your life in the long run too.



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