5 Incredible Health Benefits of Donating Blood For Donor

Blood transfusions improve people’s lives, as well as help, save lives. However, millions of people die every year by not getting timely access to blood. This is a prevalent issue in both urban as well as rural places all over the world. Blood transfusions can also be fruitful to those who donate blood and that’s why here are 5 reasons why you should start donating blood regularly, at least once a year:


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5 Incredible Health Benefits of Donating Blood For Donor

1. Helps to balance the amount of iron in your body

A healthy adult has on an average, 5 grand of iron in their bone marrow and red blood cells. When you donate blood, a quarter of the iron is lost, which is good for the body since too much iron is known to cause various diseases. Studies suggest that blood donors have 88% less chance of suffering a heart attack. The iron lost when donating blood is recovered in a period of four to six days from different foods.


According to a Japanese research that had been conducted not so long ago, in the year 2000, excessive amounts of iron build up can cause blood vessels and arteries to thicken and constrict known as ‘atherosclerosis’ increasing your risk of suffering a stroke or a heart attack. Adding to this, the ‘Journal of the American Medical Association’ found that candidates aged between 43 and 61 had significantly fewer heart attacks and strokes when they donated blood every six months.

2. Blood donation has also been linked to lower risk of cancer

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Blood donation also reduces the risk of cancer. This is because the iron in the blood is thought to increase free radical damage associated with aging as well ae cancer as published in a study called ‘The Journal if the national cancer institute’. In the study, 1200 volunteers were divided into two groups. One group donated blood two times a year to reduce the level of iron in their blood whereas the other group did not over a time span of four and a half years. The study concluded that the donors, with lower levels of iron, had a lower risk of cancer.


3. Burns calories


According to the university of California, San Diego, a person burns roughly 650 calories per one pint of blood donated. However, even though a regular blood donor can lose a significant amount of weight, it should never be used to lose weight. Moreover, the Red cross society requires a donor to be at least 110 pounds or 49.8 kgs and have an adequate amount of iron in their body. But still losing a few extra calories is always good for your body and promotes overall good health.

4. Free health checks up

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When you volunteer to donate blood, you have to go through a mini-checkup in which the blood is tested for any disease such as HIV, syphilis as well as hepatitis so that the patients who get receive the blood do not catch any disease. In a clinic or a hospital getting you checked for any possible diseases would not be free. Furthermore, you also get your blood pressure and cholesterol checked. These are two extremely crucial aspects that affect your overall health.

5. By donating blood you are changing people’ lives

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Getting blood in time is vital for those who suffer from a medical condition or are having surgery. Each one of us has ten pints of blood in our body. But from this , only one pint can be donated. Because of this, there has always been a major problem of people not getting blood in time and not being able to survive. But in addition to helping save people’s lives , blood donations can also help people who are suffering from incurable diseases like cancer.

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Writer: Shalin Chitrakar


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