Benefits of Aerobic Exercise for Healthy Hair Growth


Also, aerobics, as mentioned above, plays a vital role in hair growth along with physical and mental growth. Aerobics exercise produces fitness, which results in age reversal. It has been researched thoroughly and is a credit to the modern scientific approach. We now know the safest and best way to do it and its benefits have been substantiated by many scientific studies.

Only aerobic type of exercise can produce cardiovascular fitness. This fitness plays a very important role in vitality and youthfulness. In fact, you will never reach your maximum rejuvenation potential or vitality level unless you become fit. This type of exercise is neither difficult and nor is it time-consuming. You need to put in an about 25 minutes session four times a week. Once you experience the well-being of being fit, you will never regret starting. Aerobics exercise is the steady continuous exercise which raises the heart rate to 80% of the maximum heart rate for your age for at least 20 minutes.

This creates a high demand for oxygen to supply the exercising muscles. Aerobics exercise has two major effects on the body- one is that it produces a stronger heart and healthier lungs. This results in the cardiovascular system delivering oxygen more efficiently to every cell in the body including the brain and the glands. Another one is the muscles which become more efficient at absorbing oxygen from the blood and therefore at converting stored fat to muscle and energy. Both these effects cause you to feel and look good as well as reverse aging along with a growth of healthy hair.

The benefits of aerobics exercise:

Aerobic exercise leads to a slowing down of the aging process. One study found that for every one hour of exercise, you will add two and half hours to your life. This makes it a very good time investment. Exercise also results in health problems and pains.

aerobics exercise

1. Aerobic exercise makes the heart a more efficient pump, able to meet the demands of strenuous activity with fewer beats because it can pump out more blood with each contraction. The circulation to all parts of the body gets increased resulting in increased efficiency of all internal organs and glands and hair.

2. This type of exercise also helps to prevent heart attacks. There is an overall reduction in blood pressure. Total blood cholesterol levels are reduced. Perhaps more importantly, aerobics exercise causes a reduction in the bad low-density cholesterol which clogs the arteries and an increase in the high-density cholesterol which helps to clean the arteries out.

3. Excess weight is lost. Aerobics exercise causes the conversion of body fat to lean muscle tissue.

4. Exercise against gravity such as walking, running or swimming increases the calcium content of bones, helping to prevent osteoporosis and fractures in later life. One study found that a group of women aged sixty-nine to ninety-five who exercised thirty minutes a day, three days a week for three years experienced 2.3% increase in the mineral content of the radius bone in their arms whereas a group of non-exercisers showed 3.3% loss.


5. An American study of more than 5000 former university athletes has shown that women who exercise have lower rates of breast and reproductive system cancers.

6. The perspiration from exercise causes increased toxin elimination and healthier skin.

7. The nervous system is improved by exercise. According to the studies at the university of Texas, sixty-year-old men who have jogged or played squash for twenty years or more have reaction times equal to or better than the inactive men in their twenties.

8. Exercise is a natural tranquilizer and anti-depressant. It releases stress.aerobics exercise results in the loss of fat by 5 mechanisms:

  1. Research have shown that exercise trains the body to draw on its store of fat for energy.
  2. Exercise builds muscles which burn up more calories than fat dies even you are resting.
  3. Regular exercise increases body metabolism for up to 24 hours after the workout. This means that even you are not exercising and even sleeping you are burning more calories than you would if you did not exercise.
  4. Exercise reduces appetite by stimulating the liver to release more sugar which results in a higher blood sugar level which signals to the brain that you are not hungry.
  5. Regular workouts make the body less sensitive to stress which can trigger overreacting. Exercise does this by causing the brain to release endorphin and dopamine, which is the body calming chemicals

All of the above benefits of aerobics exercise result in the rejuvenation of the body and mind as well as increased vitality. Exercise also results in an increase in confidence, optimism, and creativity. There are no time limits to start the aerobics exercise. Many people start the exercise when they are over sixty years old and receive all its benefits. Of course the younger you start the more cumulative benefits you will receive. It is also better than dieting. The answer is just obvious. Most people who diet give it up. Not only do they regain the lost weight but also the regained weight has more fat and fewer muscles than before. If you exercise this will not occur later. In any event, exercise alone is more effective than diet alone for reducing weights.

The best time to exercise is probably as per your convenience. There is no hard and fast rule here. Some like to exercise early in the morning when the air is fresh as they claim that it gives them energy for the whole day. However, research has shown the early evening is the best time to exercise. It is because the whole day’s stress is released which induces a feeling of relaxation and vitality. Sleep is improved due to the release of stress and that benefits the whole of the next day. Studies have shown that the greatest fat loss and greatest muscle gain can occur with evening exercise.

This is probably because of the appetite which is reduced for about 2 hours after exercise. Eating less in the evening is especially beneficial since body metabolism is lower in the evening, so you won’t burn up the evening meal calories as easily as those of the other meals. Also to achieve minimum fitness level you need to exercise for at least 23 minutes only 3 times a week. To achieve optimum fitness you need to exercise 33 minutes for 4 times a week. The duration of the exercise is necessary to increase your heart rate and maintain that level for the longer period of time.

In summary, we can obviously assume and even prove that exercising on the regular basis has been a boon for one’s life. You can have good physical and mental health which will help for happy living. Also, research has shown that aerobics exercise reverses the muscle turning to fat more effectively than dieting and better than any other type of exercise. Free feel to comment and give us feedbacks on our Facebook and official websites. Stay fit and live fit for healthy tomorrow.


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