Benefits of Aerobic Exercise for Healthy Hair Growth

Other factors for healthy hair:

1. Aerobic exercise:

exercises like jogging cause an increase in the blood circulation to the whole body including the scalp.


2. Yoga headstands or reverse gravity apparatus:

this also causes an increase in the blood supply to the scalp due to the effect of the gravity.

3. Reduce stress:

stress or tension causes constriction of the tiny blood vessels in the scalp which will result in the reduced blood flow and hence less nourishment to the hair follicles. The best way to prevent stress is to think positively, exercise and avoid stressful situations.


4. Scalp massage:

this relaxes the muscles of the scalp resulting in the increased blood supply or flow to the hair follicles. Just place the fingertips of the both hands firmly on your scalp. Massage firmly in a circular motion in one spot for a few seconds, then place your fingers in a new position. Continue this procedure until you have covered the whole scalp.

5. Vigorous hair brushing:

this technique stimulates the oil glands and the hair roots in the scalp which results in an increased blood supply to the area. Vigorous brushing also prevents prevent gray hair and reverses existing graying. It is best to use a natural bristle brush rather than the synthetic nylon brush.

6. Shampoo:

use a natural, mild shampoo such as those containing the jojoba, aloe Vera, and rosemary. The strong commercial shampoo removes too much natural oil from the glands in the scalp.

Although there is a hereditary factor in hair type and hair loss, the health of the hair depends on to a large extent on good blood circulation to the scalp and relaxed scalp muscles. If you take the measures discussed above your hair will become thicker, shinier and darker.


Author: Susaan Basel

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