29 Beauty Tips that Can Enhance Your Lips in Winter’s Cold Days


11. Ice cubes

To hydrate your lips, you need ice cubes which will lighten your lips. With ice cubes, you will forget your patchy lips and see pink beautiful lips. For this, you should place ice cubes on your lips for some time. After that, you will find your lips slowly turning into pink for sure.

12. Fusion of Honey and Raspberry  

The mixture of honey and raspberry is incredible but when it is twisted by lemon juice, it just can’t go wrong. Fusion of these ingredients in an equal amount, you can apply it o your lips and get ready to experience something you never thought of. So, use it at least twice a day add shine your lips.

13. Go with Almond Oil

Do you know, almond oil consists of vitamin E?  This vitamin E is something that can help you to get pinkish lips. It provides your lips the proper nutrition that can make your lips gorgeous. If you want, you can add lemon juice to it. As this blend can react fast and you will get glossy lips. Use this solution before you go to sleep and at morning clean your face with cold water.

14. Rub with Pomegranate Juice

To get better nourishment, you can apply pomegranate juice on your lips. As this fruit (pomegranate) is the best product that can enhance your lips and brighten them. Adding pomegranate juice along with milk cream and rosewater, you can make a paste. Using that paste on a regular basis, you can lessen your blackish color from your lips.

15. Drops of Cucumber Juice

Cucumber lightens your skin problems and your cracked lips too. Using it o a regular basis, you will feel coolness and remove the darkness out of your lips. Using coconut oil with cucumber, you can brighten your lips even more. If you desire to have soft lips as soon as possible then, give it a try. You won’t regret.


16. Wonders of Turmeric

Turmeric can be used for any infection or wounds you have on your skin. Mixing it with milk cream or even honey can give you a better result. Each one of them has its own quality and has its way to cure all your skin problems. If you have never tried this solution then, you should take a chance and go for it.

17. Juicy Strawberries

Crushing some fresh strawberries and combining it with baking soda, you can make a paste out of it. You can then, apply this paste before you go to bed. As this paste takes the time to set and observe all your tackiness from your lips. In the early morning, you can get it off with cold water.

18. Use Ginger

You might know that ginger can do wonders for your throat. Not only for your throat, can it be a great product while you think of your skin? When ginger and egg white is added together, it heals all your wounds and your pale lips as well. If you use this mixture on a daily basis, you will be blessed with pink lips in coming days.

19. Get Orange Peel

The orange peel can play the important role for your lips. As they can be used as a perfect ingredient in order to enhance your lips mainly in a winter season. It even adds shine to your skin as well as in your pale lips. It’s on you, whether to opt for this product or not.

20. Apply Fuller Earth

You may hear this for the first time but fuller earth can easily clear and soften your skin and open the pores with that, you can get rid of dead cell and the impurities in your skin. Adding rosewater to it, you will observe the changes in your lips only if you use it regularly.

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