29 Beauty Tips that Can Enhance Your Lips in Winter’s Cold Days

In winters, we all go through the pain of cracked lips. With the coming of cold days, your lip starts getting dry and looses its moisture. If you don’t want to have black lips, you should take good care of your lips. Some of you may think like, lips are not that important but you are absolutely wrong.  Lips shape your outlook and add beauty to your overall look. You need to be very careful about your lips as lips easily get infected by smoking, alcohol and even when your body is dehydrated. Sometimes it may also cause when there is the disparity of hormones and when you don’t have nutritional which can create trouble for your lips. Only using best beauty products is not enough, you should pay more attention to what you eat and how your body response to them. At the same time, you can go with some natural products which can help your lips to look glossy and soft. Read here lips care tips on how to take care your lips in winter’s cold days.



29 Beauty Tips that Can Enhance Your Lips in Winter’s Cold Days

Here, you will find 29 different tips that can enhance your lips in a better way and make them appear beautiful. If you are going through the same phase then, why don’t you opt for these natural solutions?

1. Use Sugar on your Lips

In order to soften your lips, you can use sugar scrubs that can heal your pale lips in no time. As this will easily remove the patchiness from your lips and ca make your lips shinier than it was before. Using it once in a week can surely help you out. So, you don’t need to worry at all.

2. Apply Tea Tree Oil

Using just a few drops of tea tree oil you can get your soft lips back. Using it as a lip care, you will find your lips going beautifully in some time. But, it’s your responsibility to apply it on a regular basis. If not, forget about your pink lips.

3. Rub Beetroot Juice on your Lips

Applying beetroot juice on your lips only for 5-10 minutes, you can soften your lips. If you can, you can also give your lips a message that can remove the darkness of your lips for sure. You can use it regularly. So, give it a try and see the magic it creates on your lips.

4. Add Brown Sugar

Don’t e surprised to see brown sugar as an ingredient for your lip care. Applying half cup of brown sugar along with two spoons of olive oil can add charm to your life. It’s really helpful for your pale lips. You can easily find this product at your home so, for you, it must be a free service.


5. Rub Olive Oil

Using natural product, you won’t get any side effects. Rubbing olive oil o your lips can be a great solution. You won’t be disappointed at all. As this will beautify your lips burn you have to use it regularly. If you want to see the effect faster, you can include sugar in it and get a better remedy for your pale lips.

6. Magic of Coconut oil

Coconut oil is magical in whatever health problems you are having. This will heal not only your skin problem but other health issues too. Using it as a moisturizer for your pale lips, you can get your soft lips again. You just need to keep it nearby you. Whenever you feel, your lips are getting harsh then apply it on your lips. Doing it continuously, you will soon see your lips getting lighter.

7. Drops of Lemon Juice

Lemon is something that can cure all your health issues so for your lips as well. It can even heal the patchiness of your lips and helps you to get glossy lips. If you don’t trust me, you can apply it just for once and see its effect. Before going to sleep, you can rub lemon juice on your lips overnight.

8. Combination of Curd and Saffron Together

Curd adds softness to your skin and saffron brightens it. When these two products are combined together, they create a magic. Combining few tresses of saffron in card can provide your lips a soothing effect. Use it on your pale lips and give it a light massage. Then, continue this therapy for some more days in order to get a desirable result.

9. Opt For Rosewater Solution

Rose water will help your lips to get rid of blackish lips ad will set correct amount of moisturizer for your lips. If you want, you can even add rosewater with honey in order to get soft add mesmerizing lips. It not only softens your lips but helps your lips to make it healthier.

10. Castor Oil

In order to make your lips moisturized, you can use castor oil on your lips. As this oil can cure your black lips. If you combine it with lemon juice or glycerin before you goes to sleep, you will see the effect the next morning. When you wash it off, don’t forget to use cotton balls with lukewarm water as well.

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