26 Bad Habits That Harm (Affect) Your Teeth Badly – Be Aware For Healthy Life

Teeth are very important part of our body. Although, they are quite sensitive but they adds a different charm to your overall look isn’t it?  Teeth can make your smile even brighter and if it is healthy, you won’t have a bad breath ever. That’s why you need to take good care of your teeth and try to use such substance that can strengthen your teeth. At the same time, you need to avoid such food item that can lead your teeth towards decay. Thus, knowing about these things can make your healthy and right as well.


Here, you can get the different substance that you need to avoid in order to make your teeth strong. If you use such things frequently then, you will surely have to face many problems in your way. So, you need to know which foods are harmful and which are not in order to take care of your teeth in a better way. So, check out the items and know more about them.

26 Bad Habits That Harm (Affect or Damage) Your Teeth – Be Aware in Life to be Healthy

1. Excess use of ice

Ice can be very dangerous when it comes to your teeth. As this can infect your teeth badly and can create cracks. If you want, you can use chill water or soft drinks but try to avoid ice as much as possible. This can even lead your tooth to fracture. So, it’s better to take prevention before it’s too late.

2. Don’t play sport without using mouth guard

Whenever you are out to play any type of sports, you should always use the mouth guard. It is as necessary as you use the helmet while you are on a bike. You know what, the basketball, football can injure your teeth and you have to suffer a lot. So, you need to protect yourself before you do something like this.

3. Bottles used for babies in bed

When you give your baby the bottle in the bedtime, do you ever think that can decay your babies tooth in his early age? If not, then let me tell you. The use of sugar in the milk can weaken your babies tooth and can harm his tooth badly. So, try to escape bottle milk during the night. It will surely help him out.

4. Avoid tongue piercing


It’s not an easy task to pierce your teeth. But at the same time, it can injure your gum cells of your teeth. Not only this, this can even create more troubles in your health. The Even dentist will suggest not going with such piercing. This can be really dreadful for you. So, before you go with something like this, try to think and do.

5. Clenching teeth

It’s natural to have clenched teeth. It can be heredity or something god has created for you. Sometimes, it can be because of excessive stress you go through and that can decay your teeth. In result, you have to face many health problems. Thus, try to be relaxed and forget all your stress. You don’t even realize how (stress) it can hamper you.

6. Ignore Cough drops

Cough drops are surely prescribed y doctors yet they can affect your tooth badly. As this cough drop contains sugary elements and that can be very problematic in the case of your teeth. Therefore, you need to lessen the intake of your cough drop and try to remain healthy and safe.

7. Try to avoid Cotton candies

The sticky candies basically are very harmful to your teeth. Mainly, you can say cotton candies and gummy candies. As these candies are made up of sugar crust and you need to chew it on and on. So, you need to avoid having such candies if you want your teeth to remain safe and healthy.

8. Don’t use excessive amount of Soda

Try to avoid such acid which contains the excessive amount of sugar and soda. As such acid can completely affect your tooth gum and create damage on your teeth. If you don’t want such things to happen in your life then, stay from these acidic substances. That’s how; you will be able to take good care of your teeth.

9. Opening Packets using your Teeth

To save your teeth from unwanted damage, you should think before using your teeth for nuisance. Our teeth are very sensitive and it’s basically for eating purpose. But why are you using it for such use that can lead your teeth to severe pain or even fracture? Though, we realize the fact we don’t actually take it seriously. But from now on, try to avoid such things.


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